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Preparing the Next Generation

One of the questions that is often asked by first generation founders of successful businesses is this: “Are we preparing the next generation in the right way, such that they are ready when we ‘pass the baton’ to them?”

September 2016 | Topic: Education
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How to Buy Champagne

Christie’s in-house Champagne expert Tim Triptree on top vintages, niche growers, and how to store a collection.

September 2016 | Topic: Collecting
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Tackling Business Succession

Planning your exit from your own businesses can be emotionally fraught and financially complex, but developing a business transition plan is crucial.

June 2016 | Topic: Cash Management
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Summer on the Rocks: An Overview of Hardstones

Specialist Angelina Chen offers an overview of hardstones — vibrant and colourful gem materials that were as prized in the ancient world as they are by jewelry designers today.

June 2016 | Topic: Collecting
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Intentional Giving

A well-defined charitable-giving strategy can help you make the most of your philanthropic efforts.

June 2016 | Topic: Philanthropy
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Defining Your Charitable Legacy

Accumulating personal wealth affords a unique opportunity when it comes to doing good for others.

April 2017 | Topic: Philanthropy
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Helping Your Children Escape Your Shadow

Children can face intense pressure to follow in the footsteps of Mom and Dad.

April 2017 | Topic: Family
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Habit Tracking Tech is Changing the Way We Live

Technology's imprint is everywhere you look these days and helping us to be more in tune to ourselves

April 2017 | Topic: Technology
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