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Asset Management Solutions

Customized Solutions for Today's Investment Challenges

When it comes to investing for the future, today's wealthy investors require more than basic asset management services or a firm-wide allocation boilerplate. With so many ready investment options available today, it can be tempting to select from a cornucopia of one-size-fits-all solutions but a tailored approach may provide you with greater peace of mind and ultimately best help you achieve your personal wealth management goals.

Seeking to develop an investment approach that could be tailored to our client's preferences, in 2005 BBVA Compass Global Wealth introduced the SmartPath® investment platform for taxable and tax deferred private client accounts. The platform consists of leading national money managers, fixed income securities, and pooled investment funds. The wealth of investment options enables our managers to accommodate each client's unique risk tolerance, tax concerns, existing holdings, personal preferences, and social restrictions as detailed in your individual investment policy statement.

Experienced, tenured asset management team

The asset management services team is responsible for the design and management of the SmartPath Portfolios. The team averages over 15 years of investment management experience and tenure with the bank exceeding seven years per member. The longevity and stability of our management team are advantageous in helping you navigate the complexity of today's investing environment.

Disciplined investment approach through all market cycles

We believe that an investment's market value fluctuates much more widely than its underlying intrinsic value, which is the value of an asset priced to include all relevant information. In order to achieve more consistent personal wealth management results over time, we select investments based on a proven research and evaluation process which is based on an evaluation of a security's intrinsic value. We adhere closely to these core principles through all market cycles.

Strategic, responsive asset allocation

Working in conjunction with and providing access to the investment expertise of leading national money managers, the asset management services team evaluates economic and market events to form a top-down strategic view on economic, financial, political and social conditions which affect global markets. This approach allows for the optimal positioning of every portfolio, with the flexibility to adjust asset allocations in response to global market conditions and to the personal wealth management needs of our clients.

Integrated multi-factor qualitative analysis to maximize expected risk-adjusted returns

Fundamental analyses of different geographic regions, asset classes, and their associated risks are combined to help identify sources of greater potential returns while avoiding those that exhibit less potential. Investment models are constructed based on these qualitative observations, with the goal being to maximize the expected risk-adjusted return for each Portfolio.

Disciplined portfolio construction and on-going evaluation

Guided by the investment needs of our clients, we follow a disciplined portfolio construction process that considers all relevant factors within the global investing horizon. We select the individual securities and determine their respective allocation within each Portfolio. Each holding is evaluated to determine its risk-reward and correlation impact on the overall Portfolio, relative to the market and to other holdings. Finally, your Portfolio will undergo evaluation and monitoring, and may be rebalanced from time to time to maintain the strategic target asset allocation for your unique personal wealth management needs and goals.

Customized allocation solutions for you

We employ a consultative client review to carefully match each client's needs and develop an Investment Policy Statement. A management oversight overlay then allows for customization to our clients' preferences and specific tax situation. Throughout the process you can be assured that our decisions are carefully matched to your personal wealth management objectives.

Securities and Insurance Products:

Are NOT Deposits Are NOT FDIC Insured
Are NOT Bank Guaranteed May LOSE Value
Are NOT insured by any Federal Government Agency

The SmartPath® Process

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