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    Preparing the Next Generation

    One of the questions that is often asked by first generation founders of successful businesses is this: “Are we preparing the next generation in the right way, such that they are ready when we ‘pass the baton’ to them?”

    September 2016|Topic: Education
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    How to Buy Champagne

    Christie’s in-house Champagne expert Tim Triptree on top vintages, niche growers, and how to store a collection.

    September 2016|Topic: Collecting
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    Tackling Business Succession

    Planning your exit from your own businesses can be emotionally fraught and financially complex, but developing a business transition plan is crucial.
    June 2016|Topic: Cash Management
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    Summer on the Rocks: An Overview of Hardstones

    Specialist Angelina Chen offers an overview of hardstones — vibrant and colourful gem materials that were as prized in the ancient world as they are by jewelry designers today

    June 2016|Topic: Collecting
  • December 2010 Newsletter

    Intentional Giving

    A well-defined charitable-giving strategy can help you make the most of your philanthropic efforts.

    June 2016|Topic: Philanthropy
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    Wealth Preservation In Volatile Times

    Most affluent investors approaching retirement want to preserve their wealth, not beat the market.

    March 2016|Topic: The Economy
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    How To Navigate An Antiques Market

    As part of a unique partnership between BBVA Compass and Christie’s Auction House, exclusive lifestyle content will periodically be available on our site.

    March 2016|Topic: Collecting
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    A New Era For Socially Responsible Investing

    Socially responsible investing allows high-net-worth investors to advance existing philanthropic priorities and improve their portfolios.

    December 2015|Topic: Investing
  • February 2011 Newsletter

    Children and Money Values

    Teaching children sound financial values is an investment that will pay dividends.

    December 2015|Topic: Education
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    The Pros And Cons Of Charitable Trusts

    Charitable trusts offer tax-efficient ways to support your favorite causes, but finding the right structure for you and your family is critical.
    October 2015|Topic: Philanthropy
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    Collecting Guide: 5 Things to Consider When Buying Jewelry

    As part of a unique partnership between BBVA Compass and Christie’s Auction House, exclusive lifestyle content will periodically be available on our site.
    October 2015|Topic: Collecting
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    Using Life Insurance to Protect Your Business

    Life insurance isn't just a tool to provide for loved ones. It can also be an integral part of planning for a small or family-owned business.

    October 2015|Topic: Insurance
  • April 2015

    Asset Allocation and Understanding The Big Picture

    Do you really have a complete view of all of your investments?

    March 2015|Topic: Cash Management
  • April 3 2015

    5 Ways to Properly Store Your Wine

    As part of a unique partnership between BBVA Compass and Christie’s Auction House, exclusive lifestyle content will be made available.

    March 2015|Topic: Collecting
  • April 2 2015

    Making Charitable Giving a Family Affair

    Help your children incorporate charitable giving into their lives from an early age to foster a lifelong habit.

    March 2015|Topic: Philanthropy
  • January 2015

    In Retirement Planning, Women Face Different Challenges Than Men

    High-net-worth women can take steps to manage the unique issues they face when it comes to preparing for their later years.

    January 2015|Topic: Investing
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    Insuring Your Art and Antiques

    How to protect your collection now and in the future.

    October 2014|Topic: Insurance
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    Behavioral Finance and the Affluent

    Psychological biases help us deal with the real world, but they can lead us astray when it comes to investing.
    August 2013|Topic: Investing
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    Getting More from Your Gauguin

    Art-secured loans let you unlock the liquidity in your collection.
    May 2013|Topic: Lending
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    Investing in 2013: Thriving in a Low-Yield Environment

    Historically low interest rates have left investors scrambling to find ways to generate returns from their fixed income portfolios.
    February 2013|Topic: Investing
  • Taking The Long View Image

    Taking the Long View on Your Investments

    No matter who is in the White House today, here are some long–term issues that investors will need to keep an eye on.
    December 2012|Topic: Business
  • Protecting Collections Image

    Protecting Valuable Collections

    Knowing the true value of your art, antiques, or other personal collections is essential to protect that asset.

    September 2012|Topic: Estates
  • A Smarter Approach To Risk Image

    A Smarter Approach to Risk

    Volatility and uncertainty may be the new norm for global markets, but there are strategies investors can use to address risk.

    August 2012|Topic: Investing
  • Insuring Affluence Image

    Insuring Affluence

    Life insurance, a key product for all those wishing to protect their loved ones, is also an important and increasingly flexible financial tool for high-net-worth individuals.

    June 2012|Topic: Insurance
  • Year Of Giving Image

    Why 2012 Could Be the Year of Giving

    Certain gift-giving exemptions are unusually generous this year — and are set to expire in 2013.

    March 2012|Topic: Philanthropy
  • Investing In New Year Image

    Investing in the New Year

    BBVA Compass's chief investment officer offers his forecast for the global economy and how it might affect you.

    January 2012|Topic: Investing
  • Sentimental Inheritances Image

    Sentimental Inheritances

    Even small heirlooms with little financial value may be priceless to your family, so plan carefully how you'd like to pass them down.

    November 2011|Topic: Estates
  • Investing That Pays Image

    Investing That Pays Dividends

    In the current economy, companies are sharing more of their profits directly with shareholders. It might make sense to stake your claim.

    September 2011|Topic: Investing
  • August 2011 Newsletter

    The Best Ways to Save for College

    Trusts, 529s, and Coverdells: Know the details of each to figure out which one works best for you.

    August 2011|Topic: Education
  • July 2011 Newsletter

    Talking to Your Family About Wealth

    Don’t let your family’s affluence become a source of discord. Talking to your loved ones about the source of your good fortune can help promote comity now and in the future.

    July 2011|Topic: Communication
  • June 2011 Newsletter

    Preparing for Estate Planning

    What you need to consider before you sit down to make your plan.

    June 2011|Topic: Estates
  • May 2011 Newsletter

    Art as an Asset

    The art market made a surprise recovery in 2010, outperforming the S&P 500. Is fine art an investment you should consider—and where are the best places to look for deals?

    May 2011|Topic: Collecting
  • April 2011 Newsletter

    Charitable Giving, Family Style

    Family foundations offer unique benefits—and may be well within your reach.

    April 2011|Topic: Philanthropy
  • March 2011 Newsletter

    Shared Ownership

    Whether you covet a high-end vacation home or a private plane, a fractional share can provide many of the pleasures of ownership without all the costs.

    March 2011|Topic: Purchasing Strategies
  • January 2011 Newsletter

    Forecast: 2011

    What investors need to know as they head into the new year—a Q&A with BBVA Compass’ chief investment officer.

    January 2011|Topic: Investing
  • Special Edition Newsletter

    How the New Tax Law Affects You

    New legislation clears up a foggy taxation picture.

    December 2012|Topic: Taxes
  • November 2010 Newsletter

    The Science of Investing

    Understanding behavioral finance can help you avoid common investing mistakes.

    November 2010|Topic: Investing