Important Update to One-Time Security Codes


Update your mobile number to continue receiving one-time security codes. 

For your security, we will soon begin sending one-time security codes via text message only. To verify your identity and help protect your accounts, a one-time security code is sent to you when you use services such as Payments & Transfers and Card Management.

Get Started

How to add or update your Primary Mobile Number

  1. Sign in to the BBVA Compass Mobile Banking app.
  2. Select the Main Menu in the top right corner of the “Account Dashboard” screen. 


  4. Select “Settings.”


  6. Select “Add Mobile Number.”


  8. Add, update, or confirm your Primary Mobile Number.
    • Select Country Code (US, Mexico or Spain)
    • For your security, we will ask you to verify the addition or change of your mobile number.
    • If your number was previously added but not enabled to receive text messages, please “Activate”.


  10. Enter the Verification Code sent to the mobile number added and “Text Message Activation” will be enabled.

Please Note:  To add an Alternate Mobile Number, you must first add and activate your Primary Mobile Number. Message and data rates may apply.

More Information

How does this change help improve your security?

One of the most common ways hackers gain access to your personal information is by infiltrating your email. To better protect you, we will soon discontinue sending one-time security codes via email and begin sending one-time security codes to your Primary Mobile Number via text message.

It’s one more way we’re working with you to help protect your accounts and personal information.