Two is better than one.


We have two great balance transfer offers for you.

And what’s better is that you can take advantage of both!

As a BBVA Compass Credit Cardholder, we want to give you the opportunity to save money with two different balance transfer offers. Select the option that works best for you, or better yet, select both!

Lower Rate Offer

0% Promotional APR for 6 billing cycles with a 4% fee ($10 minimum).

Longer Term Offer

2.99% Promotional APR for 12 billing cycles with a 4% fee ($10 minimum).


After that, a 12.99% to 30.99% variable APR.

Take advantage of these offers in three simple steps: 

  1. Sign in or enroll in online banking
  2. Go to the "services center" tab
  3. Click "my offers" and select one or both!
Using the BBVA Wallet app?

Open or download BBVA Wallet, select your BBVA Compass credit card and scroll down to the Balance Transfer option to see these offers.

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Details you need to make a smart decision

Balance transfer offer available only to specially designated credit card accounts and is non-transferable. Balance transfer offers are subject to change.

Balance Transfer: The relative benefits you receive from debt consolidation using a balance transfer could vary depending on your individual circumstances. If the balance transfer is not paid off in full within the promotional period you may or may not realize savings on interest.

If you transfer balances at the promotional rate, any new purchase you make with your card will be charged interest from the date of purchase unless you pay the entire balance (including all promotional rate balances) in full each month, by the payment due date.

Balance transfers are subject to the terms and conditions described in your cardholder agreement and are not eligible to earn rewards (if applicable).

The total amount of a balance transfer, interest and any related fees cannot exceed your total available credit line.