BBVA Wallet

BBVA Wallet

Using BBVA Wallet

Safe + Secure + Smart

BBVA Wallet provides convenient access and control of your payment cards and provides unique reward opportunities every time you spend

  • Keep track of all your purchases in real-time and keep them organized on the go
  • Activate BBVA Compass debit and credit cards
  • Make your BBVA Compass Credit card payment
  • Change PIN on your BBVA Compass cards from your Wallet app
  • Report a lost or stolen card in a flash or temporarily block transactions if you misplace your card
  • Redeem rewards in real-time at any merchant
  • Receive custom offers and earn cash back based on how you spend with Simple Cash Back℠

Redeem Rewards in Real-Time with BBVA Wallet!

BBVA Wallet lets you redeem rewards in real-time at any merchant! Real-time rewards redemption is designed to enhance your shopping experience by letting you use your rewards to off-set an entire purchase or a portion or a purchase, depending on your available rewards balance.

Real-time rewards redemptions work with all BBVA Compass Consumer Credit cards enrolled in rewards with an active rewards balance to cover the purchase amount.

Real-time Rewards Redemptions is Easy! After you make a purchase, you will receive a Transaction Alert1 which will allow you to Redeem Rewards toward your purchase based on your available rewards balance.