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Online Money Management

Go beyond online banking. Manage all of your finances online.

Your finances might involve much more than a checking account and a savings account. Have you ever wished you had all your financial information in one place? One website, one password, one screen, one big snapshot of your financial life? It would make managing your finances much simpler, right?

Well, today that simplicity doesn’t have to be a wish. It can be a reality with the right money management tool.

Types of Financial Management Tools

Here are a few examples of financial management tools.

  • Mvelopes Personal creates electronic envelopes to work like the classic budgeting system. You can transfer money from envelop to envelope, set up debt repayment plans, use online bill pay and access Mvelopes with mobile.
  • Mint is a free online financial application. It compiles savings, checking, investments, auto and mortgage and tracks spending against financial goals. Mint is also mobile compatible.
  • You Need a Budget (YNAB) is focused on planning your spending so that every dollar is spent with purpose, and you save for rainy days, make room for unexpected purchases, and stop living paycheck to paycheck.
  • Quicken is another well-known program with four different products depending on your needs (personal, business, investing, and property management).
  • With BBVA Compass Online Banking you can track your online accounts with almost any financial institution.

Other popular money management software tools include PocketSmith, Moneydance and AceMoney.

Benefits of Financial Management Tools

The benefits of finding the right money management program—and using it continually—are significant. You get to understand the big picture of your finances by consolidating and organizing all of your financial information in one place. When you understand the big picture, you can make better day-to-day decisions about your money. You also can plan better for the long haul, such as saving for college or for retirement.

So, don’t let a complete solution to managing your money be simply a wish. Make it happen with a comprehensive money management tool.

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