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Online Banking

Know what to look for in online banking.

Most banks offer online banking, but not all online banking is equal. The value of an excellent online banking program is that it frees you from the confines of branch hours and locations. Today, you can access the information you need instantly and make transactions from your home, your hotel, a coffee shop in the Caribbean—pretty much anywhere you can access a website.

Let’s take a look at the standard features offered by many banks.

  • Transferring money between accounts
  • Viewing account balances, transactions, and statements
  • Setting alerts to notify you of important changes to your balance
  • Syncing your account information with your money management software
  • Assigning categories to each of your payments for budgeting

As you consider banks with online banking capabilities, look for one that:

  • Allows you to pay bills and receive electronic bills
  • Provides tools for budgeting and managing your money
  • Allows you to compare your spending to your peers
  • Is simple and convenient to use
  • Doesn’t charge high fees
  • Has FDIC insurance

At BBVA Compass, we believe online banking makes life easier and more convenient for our customers. As you decide where to bank, consider the value of online banking features and tools.

Online Banking

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