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Getting Started

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Workplace Solutions program cost my company?

Nothing at all. There is no cost to your company to participate in the program.

What do we need to do to prepare for the initial informational meeting?

Once again, nothing at all. We'll take care of everything. All we need is a little time and a place to meet with your employees/members.

How much time will the presentation take?

We can work around your schedule and have a variety of options to best suit you and your employees/members needs. For example, if you have regularly scheduled meetings with your employees/members, we can make a 10 - 15 minute presentation during the meeting, answer any questions they might have, and be available to open accounts at your convenience. If you don't have regularly scheduled meetings, we can set up a table in a common area (such as break room, lobby, etc) and be available during work breaks.

Why should we choose the Workplace Solutions program?

Our package of money-saving accounts and services is unlike anything in the industry. We also provide free Financial Wellness seminars at your request to help educate your employees on a variety of financial topics.

I have some employees/members who have not qualified for a checking account in the past. Can you help them?

Yes, our Easy Checking account is designed exclusively for individuals who have had trouble getting a checking account in the past. Another alternative is our BBVA Compass ClearSpend Card, which is a reloadable Prepaid Visa Debit card. Learn more about the ClearSpend card.

We already offer our employees/members banking options through another bank/credit union. Can we still use the BBVA Compass program?

Yes! You can continue to offer the services of your current bank and/or credit union. Adding the Workplace Solutions program will simply give them additional options and choices.

What if no one signs up?

Our mission is to educate your workforce about the services BBVA Compass has available. There is no obligation on the part of the company or the employee.

Do I have to sign a contract or agreement in order to make this program available to employees/members?

No. Once again, there is no obligation on the part of you, your company or your employees/members.