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Stay up-to-date on U.S. economics with BBVA Research. We cover a breadth of topics, including macroeconomics, monetary policy, banking, and regional and industry analysis—and we bring you insights from the most recent Federal Reserve meetings. With BBVA Compass, you can anticipate upcoming economic developments and make a plan for your financial future. 


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Discover how current events and U.S. economics shape the world around us with data-driven analysis from BBVA Research.   

The Generational Opportunity Index: The State of Millennials

Stereotyped as “clueless,” “brainy,” and “self-obsessed,” Millennials are by no means homogenous. However, in terms of economic opportunity, Millennials are still lagging behind other generations.

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Where Are the Women?

The decline in female labor force participation isn’t solely attributed to motherhood—but the reasons why women are leaving the workforce differ for married and unmarried women, with and without children. What can employers do about it? And why does it matter to GDP growth?

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U.S. After Brexit: Shaken, not Stirred

In a time of worldwide recession, the U.K.’s vote to leave the European Union is a concern for countries across the globe—including the U.S. Fortunately, the negative effects on the U.S. economy will be modest.

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U.S. Economics

See the latest reports on the U.S. market with topics ranging from GDP and trade to employment and interest rates. 

Multifamily vs. Single-Family Housing Trends

The demand for multifamily housing relative to single-family housing has peaked, as younger Millennials opt to rent in densely populated cities. Among older Millennials starting families, single-family housing remains strong.

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In Search of Potential GDP

With GDP growth slowing to 1.8%, we explore the question: will the future of U.S. potential growth be gloomy or bright? Productivity growth, policies to boost the working age population, and stronger investments could be the answer.               

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Debt Sustainability: Time to Splurge or Time to Save

As the gross debt-to-GDP ratio steadily rises, should the U.S. worry about its ability to repay debt, cut spending, and raise interest rates? Or keep interest rates low to spark the U.S. economy?

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Regional Outlook

Take a closer look at U.S. and regional performance with an in-depth analysis of state-level economic activity. 

State Monthly Activity Indexes

In December, activity increased in 44 states, with the strongest gains in the West. Across the Sunbelt region, activity decelerated despite pickups in the manufacturing, mining, and retail trade sectors. 

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Back to the Future: 2016 Growth to Mirror 1986 Regional Decoupling

While the likelihood of a U.S. recession is the highest it’s been since the 2009 downturn, based on a state-by-state assessment, the overall probability remains low.

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Recession Looming for Texas Economy

The drop in oil prices and a weakened manufacturing sector suggest a high probability for Texas recession. How will this impact the state’s economy and unemployment rate?

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Get the latest economic developments with an eye to the U.S. banking and financial sector. 

Cloud Banking or Banking in the Clouds?  

What are the potential risks and benefits of cloud computing for banks? Before making the switch, banks must weigh challenges against future cost and time savings.                                                                 

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Blockchain Technology: The Ultimate Disruption

Blockchain, a peer to peer public ledger, could disrupt the financial sector as bitcoin currency rises in popularity. What will it take for this decentralized system to gain broader acceptance and shake up the financial world?

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Fintech: Changing the Way We Save and Invest

Fintech platforms have risen in popularity among Millennials for their low fees, user- friendly interfaces, and online DIY tools. How can banks leverage these innovations and compete against cutting-edge companies?

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Sectors & Industries

Explore the impact of U.S. economics on vital sectors and industries, including oil and gas, manufacturing, energy, automotive, digital, and more. 

The Energy Mix: A Balancing Act  

As the U.S. energy mix is shifting away from coal, there is wide consensus that natural gas is a bridge fuel towards renewables, given its ability to meet climate objectives and energy needs.

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The Potential of Wind Energy 

With a reputation as a reliable and scalable source of energy, wind energy makes significant strides as government incentives, global investments, and technological advances aid growth.

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OPEC and the Art of the Deal

In a historic move, OPEC, along with non-OPEC nations like Russia, agreed to cut production after a prolonged period of low oil prices. However, implementation and monitoring of the deal could be hampered by geopolitical factors.

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