Our Bright Principles


Bringing bright futures to life

At BBVA Compass, we believe any number of paths can lead to a brighter future. Here are our 10 Bright Principles to get you started and to help you always #Livebright.

Bright Principles

#1  Know Where You’re Going

The road to success starts with a destination. By setting goals, you’ll give your actions purpose to ensure you’re always moving in the right direction.

Video: Becky Hammon

Blazing trails as the first NBA All-Star female coach, Becky Hammon knew she wanted to play professional basketball at a young age. Her big dreams have come true as she’s made a name for herself in both the NBA and WNBA.  

#2 Dare to Be You

When you believe in yourself, you act with confidence and stay true to your values. What’s more, when you believe in yourself, others believe in you too.

Video: Dewanna Bonner

Born and raised in Alabama, Dewanna Bonner started her standout basketball career at Auburn University. The fifth overall pick during the 2009 WNBA Draft, DeWanna is no stranger to success in the WNBA, either. In fact, she's a two-time WNBA champion.

#3 Work to Your Strengths

You have strengths like no one else. Focus on them—not your weaknesses—and you will work with a level of passion and productivity that helps you realize your fullest potential.  

Video: James Harden

NBA star James Harden shares how he overcomes obstacles in his game, hones his skills, and works to his strengths through practice and repetition.

#4 Ask for Help

Just like you have unique strengths, so does everyone around you. Ask for help when you need expertise you don’t have. The journey is better together. And more fun.

Video: David Baldwin and Pursuit

Rider-in-Chief of the Pursuit Ride for The Center, David Baldwin, knew that he needed to ask for help in order to bring on more support for adults with disabilities. 

#5 Be Fearless

Don’t be afraid to take risks. Be afraid of not taking them. This is how you seize the opportunities others miss and realize the success others believe isn’t possible.

Video: Scott Parazynski

Former NASA astronaut, Scott Parazynski, knows what it’s like to be fearless. He's been to space five times, scaled Mount Everest, and climbed into an active volcano. For Parazynski, creating bright futures means inspiring others to live without fear.

#6 Find Success in Failure

Failing means you’re trying. So keep trying. And also keep learning. Because the more you learn from your failures, the closer you come to your successes.

Video: Bruce Bowen

NBA star Bruce Bowen shares how setting goals, trying something new, and learning from failure is the start of learning even more about yourself.  

#7 Challenge Your Status Quo

Life is always changing. The secret to success is to adjust your thinking and adapt your skills so you can stay fresh, current, and relevant in an ever-changing world.

Video: James Harden

NBA Star James Harden shares the toughest moment in his career and how he overcame this challenge to find a new and loyal fan base.

#8 Remember Your Roots

Embracing where you started from keeps you humble, true to your authentic self, and grounded during life’s inevitable storms.

Video: Sandra Lee

As a child, Sandra Lee had to “grow up” quickly and be the leader of her family and four younger siblings. Through her childhood, she learned the true meanings of love, loyalty, and commitment and realized what gifts they were in making her who she is today. It’s important to remember your roots in order to realize where you came from and where you are now.

#9 Show Appreciation

Nothing pays dividends like appreciating those around you. By paying it forward every day, you’ll make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. Most of all, your own.

Video: Andrés Orozco-Estrada and the Houston Symphony

Music Director of the Houston Symphony, Andrés Orozco-Estrada, shows appreciation by making music accessible and helping future generations achieve their dreams.

#10 LiveBright

#LiveBright is a way of life. A way of thinking and a way of acting. It’s about embracing the positive, seeing life’s limitless opportunities, and knowing that every time we brighten someone’s day, we make the future brighter for all of us.   

Video: Becky Hammon

Becky Hammon shares her hopes for young basketball players and why it matters to #LiveBright to your community.