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Whether you're just starting out in life, starting up new in this country, or starting over after hard times, there are three things you need from your bank. Simplicity. Affordability. Safety. At BBVA Compass, that's exactly what you get. We have the financial tools to help you get started, or re-started, and build a brighter future.

BBVA Compass ClearChoice Free Checking

The best things in life are free.

You shouldn't have to pay to access your own money. That's why BBVA Compass offers BBVA Compass ClearChoice Free Checking. It’s not only free, it also comes complete with Online Banking, Mobile Banking, access to account alerts, and a Visa® Debit Card to help you manage your money.

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BBVA Compass Easy Checking

Get a brighter future – and back on your feet – with a new checking account.

Financial troubles happen to the best of us. Let us help you get back on track. With Easy Checking, you get online access to your account, free customizable account alerts that notify you when your balance is running low, and access to your funds with a Visa® Debit Card. Best of all, you may request to upgrade to Free Checking after a year of positive activity on your Easy Checking account if your account is active and has a positive balance.

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By clicking Apply Now, you will be sent to an application for BBVA Compass ClearChoice Free Checking. If you do not qualify for Free Checking, we can offer you a second chance with our Easy Checking account. Checking accounts are subject to approval, which may include credit approval.

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BBVA Compass ClearSpend Prepaid Visa® Card

Keep your money safe. Keep yourself on budget.

Maybe you're trying to restore your credit. Or maybe you're new to banking and feeling a little lost. No matter your story, ClearSpend can help. It's a reloadable Visa® card that gives you the convenience of a debit card while keeping your finances in line. You can even have your paycheck deposited directly to the card so you never have to carry cash or pay check-cashing fees. And, unlike many traditional checking products, there's no risk of overdraft fees. All of which makes ClearSpend the perfect tool for those starting out or starting over.

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BBVA Compass ClearChoice Savings

Starting your emergency fund is as easy as 1, 2 …$25

That's right. All it takes is a $25 opening deposit* and you can start your very own BBVA Compass ClearChoice Savings account. Your $25 and anything else you invest will start earning interest for you immediately. It's simple and safe. Start building your brighter future today.

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Optimizer Credit Card

Yes, you can get a credit card.

Have you been turned down for a credit card in the past? Then the Optimizer Credit Card may be the perfect solution for you. It's backed by your savings account, and works just like a standard credit card. And your credit limit does, too. The rates are competitive and it's accepted everywhere Visa® is accepted.

Want a primer on how credit cards work? Check out Credit Card Basics 101 >

Call 1-800-COMPASS (1-800-266-7277) or visit your local branch to apply today.

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HOME Mortgage

With Opportunity Banking, you're closer to home ownership than you know.

Did you know you don't need perfect credit or a 20% down payment to get a home loan? BBVA Compass has a range of solutions to help you move from renter to owner – even if you have a complex or unique mortgage need – including a first-time buyer program, low- or zero-down payment loans, and loans that minimize the impact of closing costs. To learn which loan is best for you and about special pricing and offers, call one of our mortgage specialists today at 1-800-COMPASS.

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Bank Brighter:

  • What are the benefits of owning a checking account?
  • The primary benefit of having a checking account is safety. By letting BBVA Compass hold your funds, you won't have to worry about carrying around cash at the risk of theft or simply misplacing it.

    Even better, you'll still have 24/7 access to your money through our ATM locations. You'll also be able to keep track of your spending and balances on the go using our award-winning mobile banking app.**

  • I have been declined a checking account in the past due to credit issues or derogatory marks on my record. What options do I have to avoid keeping my paycheck in cash?
  • At BBVA Compass, we believe in second chances, which is why we offer flexible alternatives to keep your money safe even if you've had financial missteps in the past.

    If you're looking for a checking account, you may qualify for our BBVA Compass Easy Checking account through our online application. We will first verify that you don't qualify for our BBVA Compass ClearChoice Free checking account before offering you BBVA Compass Easy Checking. You may also apply for a checking account in branch.

    Wanting to stay away from checking accounts or credit checks? Apply for our ClearSpend prepaid debit card with budgeting mobile app. BBVA Compass ClearSpend does not require a credit check and has zero risk of overdraft fees.

  • My income fluctuates every month, which makes it difficult to budget and prepare for unexpected expenses. Where can I go to learn more about setting up a budget?
  • Check out the MoneyFit article which contains recommendations on budget amounts based on goals as well as tips to cut expenses to reach your goals!

  • I have never owned a credit card, but know that it is important to have a good credit score to be able to make important purchases, like a home or car. How can I build credit or improve my credit score?
  • Check out the MoneyFit article which contains resources to pull your credit report and tips for boosting your score.

  • I am looking to buy my first home, but don't know where to start. What are some steps I should take to prepare for the home-buying process?
  • Check out the MoneyFit article which breaks down each step of the home-buying process for first-time homebuyers.