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Personal Security Steps

In addition to the security precautions BBVA Compass has taken, there are a few things you can do on your own to further enhance your online security:

  • Do not share your Username or password with anyone. You can change your Online Banking password online as often as you like. Do not use birthdays, phone numbers or names that might be easy for others to determine.
  • Remember: A BBVA Compass employee will never need to know your password, and you should never furnish it to anyone claiming to represent BBVA Compass.
  • Call Online Banking Support and establish a security "question and answer" that will identify you in case you should need to change your password or make any changes to your service.
  • Exit from Online Banking as soon as you finish your banking activities. Never walk away from your computer with your account information on the screen. It is best to close your browser after logging out to clear any account information from your browser's memory.
  • Choose an Internet Service Provider (ISP) with strong security practices. Inquire of several ISPs about their security practices and choose one you believe has your security as a priority.
  • Install Virus Protection Software on your computer.

Online Banking Security Details

One of the most important customer concerns about Online Banking is security. At BBVA Compass, we’ve taken great steps to ensure that transmissions to or from BBVA Compass are completely secure. Online Banking uses advanced Internet technologies designed to protect your account information throughout the entire online banking process, from your computer through the bank’s own systems and back again. Total security, however, is a joint effort that includes BBVA Compass, your Internet Service Provider, and you.

For your security when using Online Banking, we’ve also added these security features:

  • Browser. Online Banking requires the use of a browser with 128-bit encryption.
  • Username and Password. Only your valid Username and Password will allow you to log on.
  • Automatic Log-off. If no action is taken for 20 minutes, your session with Online Banking will be automatically terminated.
  • Constant Monitoring. We are always monitoring our systems to prevent any potential problems that could compromise security or privacy.