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Text Message Commands

With Mobile Banking you can bank right from your mobile phone with simple, easy-to-remember text messages. Want to know your balance? Need to transfer some money? All it takes is a quick text message.

Commands Description
accts Lists all your mobile account nicknames.
bal Displays the first three checking, money market, or savings accounts.
bal (nickname) Provides balance information for the account you've assigned that mobile account nickname.
help Displays all the commands available in mobile banking. A separate text message with contact information will also be sent.
help (command) Displays help information for the mobile command you specify.
help info Provides information regarding ’help
and ’help (command)’.
pend (nickname) Displays up to 5 pending transactions from a single checking, savings, or money market account.
post (nickname) Displays up to 5 posted transactions from a single account.
stop Cancels your enrollment in Compass Mobile.
test Provides a text message to make sure your mobile phone is registered.
xfer Use to transfer funds between accounts. Provide command + transfer amount (no $ sign; include decimal) + transfer from account nickname + transfer to account nickname (example: xfer 123.54 chka savb)

Enroll in Text Message Banking

View the enrollment demo How to Enroll
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