BBVA Compass American Express® Card

TripleDouble Rewards Program Terms and Conditions

TripleDouble Rewards is a promotional rewards program ("Program") offered by Compass Bank (“BBVA Compass”, the “Bank”, “we”, “us” or “our”). In this Program, “you” or “your” means everyone that may be a consumer accountholder (joint or otherwise) on a BBVA Compass American Express® Card ("Card"). BBVA Compass reserves the right to disqualify any individual who violates these terms and conditions or violates any Program rules, terms, or conditions posted on the website listed below or otherwise disclosed by BBVA Compass (collectively “Terms and Conditions”). BBVA Compass is a trade name of Compass Bank and these names may be used interchangeably in this Program. The rules of the Program are outlined below.

Contact Information

You may contact BBVA Compass about the Program or specific questions related to TripleDouble Rewards by calling 1-844-622-BBVA. To redeem points, Cardholders should call 1-866-246-2924 or go to


Eligible BBVA Compass American Express® Cards will be auto-enrolled in the Program for purposes of earning points, and you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of the Program. Note: although your Card will be auto-enrolled in the Program to begin earning points, in order to redeem points you must register your Card by calling 1-866-246-2924 or by visiting

There is no charge for participating in the Program at this time. We reserve the right to change this policy and charge fees to the TripleDouble Rewards account in the future. You will be notified if any changes occur.

Earning Points

Points accrue at a rate of one and one half (1.5) points for each dollar of net Qualifying Purchases made with your eligible Card. There is no limit on the number of total points you may earn in the Program, although limits may apply to the number of additional bonus points that can be earned through Qualified Purchases in bonus spending categories, if any bonus spending categories apply to your account. Points are not your property and have no cash or monetary value.

Except as provided below or pursuant to the terms of any specific offer, a "Qualifying Purchase" is any purchase of goods or services made with your eligible BBVA Compass American Express Card.  Unless provided in additional terms for special promotions, the following are not Qualifying Purchases for purposes of the Program and you will not earn points for them:


  • Payments of existing Card balances
  • Balance transfers
  • Cash advances
  • ATM transactions
  • Convenience checks
  • Purchases of quasi cash (for example, casino chips) 
  • Fees charged by us (for example, annual fees, finance charges, and related service charges, if any apply)
  • Payments made for prepaid and reloadable cards such as certain gift cards
  • Payments made for payment instruments that can readily be converted to cash (for example, travelers cheques, money orders, wire transfers, and similar products or services)

Points also do not accumulate on fees, adjustments, or on any Card transactions in which you use a PIN number rather than signing a receipt. We reserve the right to determine, in our sole discretion, whether a particular transaction is a Qualifying Purchase.

When merchandise purchased with your Card is returned, the account credit will result in a reduction of points.

Eligible Cards may earn additional bonus points on specified types of transactions and/or spending amounts, as detailed in offers we may present to you. We will tell you the terms of earning additional points in the offers. Except as we tell you in an offer, the rest of these Terms and Conditions will still apply.

The BBVA Compass American Express® Card is not eligible for the CompassPoints® rewards programs. Unless otherwise disclosed by BBVA Compass, eligible Cards will not accrue points in conjunction with CompassPoints® rewards programs. Point accrual and all other terms of the Program are limited to the Terms and Conditions, including any Program rules, terms, or conditions posted on the website listed below or otherwise disclosed by BBVA Compass.

Point Expiration

Accumulated points will begin to expire thirty-six (36) months from the date the points were earned. If you receive gifted points, the gifted points will expire twelve (12) months from the date the points are gifted.

Eligibility and Point Forfeiture

If your BBVA Compass American Express Card account is past due, closed, overdrawn, voluntarily closed or otherwise not in good standing, as determined by BBVA Compass, you will not be permitted to redeem points and points will not be credited to your Program account. In addition, your Program account will be terminated and you will be required to forfeit your existing points.


Points can be redeemed for account credits at or by calling 1-866-246-2924. Points may also be redeemed through the BBVA Wallet, a card management application provided by BBVA Compass to BBVA Compass card account holders and available for download at

Points may only be redeemed for a credit to an eligible BBVA Compass American Express® Card account. Please allow up to 14 business days for the credit to post to your Card account. Redemption values may change at any time and BBVA Compass reserves the right to cancel this redemption option at any time.

Purchase Credits (formerly called Flexible Credits) allow you to redeem account credits for specific transactions. On the website, Purchase Credits are available on transactions made in the last 60 days and can be selected for an account credit. You can choose any transaction made in the last 60 days and redeem available points up to the exact amount of that transaction as a credit to your Card account. Please allow up to 14 business days for the credit to post. Only one redemption per transaction allowed.

When you use points for charges, you may be required to have a minimum number of points to cover a specific amount of the charge or the total amount of the charge, including any tip. Whether or not points are used for the total amount of the charge, the available credit on your Card account may be reduced temporarily by the total amount of the charge. The points will be deducted from your Program account, and an accompanying credit may be applied to your Card account as necessary to adjust any temporary reduction in credit. We will make reasonable efforts to notify you if a processing error occurs and we are unable to complete your redemption for an eligible charge. If this happens, points will not be deducted from your Program account and the associated charge may still appear on your Card account.

Point Gifting. In the sole discretion of BBVA Compass, you may be permitted to gift points to other Program rewards accounts and/or participants. Gifting points is free. Points may be gifted in any amount (up to your total points balance) and can only be gifted to BBVA Compass accounts that are open and in good standing. Gifted points expire twelve (12) months from the date the points are gifted.

Point Bonus Programs. Point bonus programs and categories are subject to change or cancellation at any time without notice at the sole discretion of BBVA Compass. Please refer to the specific point bonus offer disclosures (if applicable) provided to you for details regarding point bonus programs available to your specific account with BBVA Compass.

Communications. BBVA Compass may send you a periodic statement in the mail detailing how many points you have earned and how to redeem your points. You agree that BBVA Compass may also email you periodically about promotional offers, point balances, and general program updates. Statements are not mailed to accounts with 100 or fewer points. Providing periodic statements related to rewards points is done at the sole discretion of BBVA Compass.

If you register to use the Program website, we may provide any and all future communications related to the Program and/or the Terms and Conditions (including any changes to them) through the Program website. We also reserve the right to terminate your participation in the Program at any time at our sole discretion.

Customer Service

If you have a problem or question regarding whether you earned points from a particular transaction, whether your points were properly redeemed, or the status of your redemption order, or if you have any other question regarding the Program, you can go to the website provided, call 1-866-246-2924, or mail to P.O. Box 680234, Marietta, GA 30068-0004.

If you choose to contact us by e-mail, send your full name and address and the issue to Do not send your Card number or other personal financial information by e-mail.

If you contact us regarding an error or mistake with respect to your Program account, we will use reasonable efforts to investigate and correct the error or mistake, subject to the limitations set forth in these Terms and Conditions. In any event, you must notify us within 60 days of the posting date or the date of the alleged error or mistake in order for us to undertake an investigation of the matter. We may require you to provide written confirmation of the alleged error or mistake. If we do not receive the requested written confirmation at the address and within the time frame requested by us, we may in our sole discretion determine not to correct the alleged error or mistake. If we complete our investigation of the alleged error or mistake and notify you of our determination, we have no further responsibilities should you later reassert the same alleged error or mistake. All questions or disputes regarding the Program, including eligibility, earning points, or redemption of points, will be resolved by us in our sole discretion.

Canceling Program Participation

You may cancel your participation in the Program at any time by calling 1-866-246-2924. Your point total in the Program will be forfeited and cannot be transferred to another Program account. Any negative point balance will carry over to another Program account that may be set up at a later time for the same Card account.


Any and all taxes on points in connection with the Program are the responsibility of the Cardholder. Please consult with a tax advisor concerning any income or other tax consequences that may be related to points.

The actual period of time it will take to receive points for any single eligible transaction may vary, and neither BBVA Compass, BreakAway Loyalty, nor any of our agents shall be liable for any fees or interest incurred by you or any other loss you may sustain as a result of your reliance on point redemptions.

Neither BBVA Compass, BreakAway Loyalty, nor any of our agents shall be liable for any bodily harm and/or property damage that may result from your participation in the Program, from your redemption of points, or from any other type of goods or services whatsoever provided or to be provided through the Program. We do not endorse, guarantee, or warrant the goods or other types of services or products provided by suppliers who may participate in the Program.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, we and BreakAway Loyalty hereby specifically disclaim any representations or warranties, express or implied, regarding the Program, points, and any products or services, including any WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE or implied warranties arising from course of dealing or course of performance.

BBVA Compass is not responsible for any inaccuracies in point accrual. BBVA Compass is not responsible for the performance of any merchant, service provider, or common carrier. BBVA Compass may exercise its rights under the Terms and Conditions at any time; a delay by BBVA Compass in exercising any right under the Terms and Conditions does not mean that BBVA Compass has waived that right.

Termination or Changes to the Program

BBVA Compass reserves the right to terminate the Program or to change the Program rules, benefits, or points levels, in whole or in part, at any time with or without notice, even though changes may affect your ability to use accumulated points. Your continued participation in the Program after any change shall be deemed to be your acceptance of any such change. If you do not agree to any change of the Terms and Conditions, you must immediately cease participation in the Program. The accumulated points do not entitle you to any vested rights with respect to points, credits, rewards, or benefits. We may attempt to give advance notice to you before terminating or making changes to the Program, unless immediate changes are required by law or by other circumstances beyond our control. This notice may be limited to changes provided on the Program website.

This TripleDouble Rewards Program is void where prohibited by federal, state, or local law.


All information collected in connection with the Program is subject to our privacy policy, a copy of which was given to you with your account and which you can get from us online at

The BBVA Compass American Express® Card is issued by Compass Bank pursuant to a license from American Express. American Express is a federally registered service mark of American Express. BBVA Compass is a trade name of Compass Bank, Member FDIC.