BBVA Compass ClearChoice Checking

Account Disclosure - Texas

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Account Opening and Usage
Minimum Deposit Needed to Open Account $25  
Monthly Service Charge (Monthly Fee) $4  
Requirements to Waive Monthly Service Charge   (1) At least one direct deposit of $300 or more; or
(2) Cumulative direct deposits totaling $600; or
(3) A minimum average daily collected balance of $1,500.
Please see account disclosure for complete details.
Interest-Bearing NO  
ATM Fees Charged by BBVA Compass $0 For using an ATM in BBVA Compass' ATM network
$2 For using an ATM outside of BBVA Compass' ATM network
Insufficient Funds (NSF) Charge - Returned Item $38 Per returned item presented against insufficient funds (see maximum penalty fee number below)
Deposited Item Returned Fee $6 For each item that you deposit that is rejected by the payor bank ($25 for foreign items)
Stop Payment Fee $32 Per request made in a branch or by telephone to stop payment of an item
$25 Per request made online to stop payment on a check
Early Account Closing Fee $25 If account closed within 180 days of opening
Other Service Fees   Please consult your account disclosure for a list of additional service fees, including the Paper Statement Fee
Overdraft Options for Consumers with Debit Cards
Option A: (Default) No Overdraft Service   If you choose not to opt in to our Courtesy Overdraft Option service or any other overdraft service, ATM and everyday debit card transactions that would cause an overdraft may be declined at no cost to you.
Option B: Linked Account Overdraft Sweep Service Inter-Account Transfer Fee
(Overdraft Transfer Fee)
$12 Per day in which an overdraft is covered by a transfer from a linked savings account
Option C: Overdraft Line of Credit* Overdraft Protection Fee
(Overdraft Transfer Fee)
$12 Per day in which an overdraft is covered by a transfer from a linked line of credit (subject to approval, including credit approval)
Option D: Courtesy Overdraft Option Insufficient Funds Charge - Paid Item Fee (Overdraft Penalty Fee) $38 Per overdraft item covered by the bank
Maximum Number of Overdraft Penalty and NSF Fees per Day 6 You will only be charged this number of overdraft penalty and NSF fees per day, even if we elect to cover additional overdrafts or return additional items.
Minimum Amount Required to Trigger an Overdraft Penalty Fee No Minimum An overdraft item of any amount that is covered by the bank will cause you to incur an overdraft penalty fee.
Extended Overdraft Service Charge (Extended Overdraft Penalty Fee) $25 Charged when your account remains overdrawn for ten (10) consecutive calendar days. An additional $25 extended overdraft penalty fee will be charged if you account remains negative for twenty (20) consecutive calendar days.
* An APR of 21% applies to the Overdraft Protection Line of Credit. Having an Overdraft Protection Line of Credit does not guarantee you against paying NSF fees; your line of credit may not be sufficient to cover all transactions.
Processing Policies
Posting Order
The order in which withdrawals and deposits are processed
We process and post transactions — both credits (including deposits) and debits — throughout the day. This approach allows us to more closely match the posting of transactions on your account with the timing of your actual account activity.

Note: Deposits received and posted late in the day will not cover payments and withdrawals posted earlier the same day.
Summary of Our Deposit
Hold Policy

When funds deposited to your account are usually available for deposits less than $5,000 and absent exceptional circumstances - see the Consumer Deposit Account Agreement for a detailed description of our policy.
  • Cash deposit with Teller or ATM: same business day as the day of deposit
  • Direct deposit and wire transfer: same business day as the day of deposit
  • Check deposit with Teller or ATM: same business day as the day of deposit
  • If something causes a longer hold on a deposit, the first $200 of that deposit will generally be made available the same business day as the day of deposit.
A "business day" is a non-holiday weekday. At branches, business days end at closing time. At ATMs, business days end no earlier than 8:30 p.m.
Dispute Resolution
Dispute Resolution Agreement If a dispute arises between us, either party may require that it be resolved through arbitration, rather than through jury trial. Please see the arbitration and waiver of jury trial provisions in your Consumer Deposit Account Agreement for additional details.

Full Terms & Conditions

Minimum Opening Deposit $25
Monthly Service Charge $4

The monthly Service Charge will not apply for statement cycles during which one or more of the following requirements are met:

  • There is at least one Direct Deposit transaction (ACH credit) of $300 or more from an unrelated 3rd party (such as an employer or Social Security), OR
  • There are cumulative Direct Deposit transactions(ACH credits) totaling $600 or more, OR
  • The account has an average daily collected balance of at least $1,500.
Statement Cycle Monthly
Paper Statement Fee $3 per statement cycle

The Paper Statement Fee will be assessed in the following statement cycle. For example, the Paper Statement Fee for the January statement will be assessed in February and will appear on the February statement.

How to Avoid the Paper Statement Fee You can avoid the Paper Statement Fee by turning off your paper statements and receiving your account statements electronically through Online Banking.
Early Account Closing Fee $25

The Early Account Closing Fee is assessed when a new account is closed within 180 days of opening.

As a BBVA Compass ClearChoice Checking accountholder, you can customize your account by selecting Custom Features based on your personal financial needs. Each Custom Feature is available for an additional fee per Custom Feature per statement cycle. The Custom Features terms and applicable fees are listed below.

ATM Transactions1 No BBVA Compass fee for using another bank's ATM and up to four automatic rebates of ATM fees charged by other banks - maximum of four rebates per statement cycle. $5 per statement cycle
Check Supply1 Unlimited Supply of Standard Checks and 50% off other styles of your choice. $3 per statement cycle
Cashier’s Checks1 Unlimited Cashier’s Checks. $2 per statement cycle
Safe Deposit Box2 3 X 5 Safe Deposit Box. $3 per statement cycle
Mailed Paper Statements3 Receive a monthly paper statement via mail. Your account will automatically be set up to receive a mailed paper statement. You can avoid the Paper Statement Fee by turning off paper statements and receiving your account statements electronically through Online Banking. $3 per statement cycle (Paper Statement Fee)

1ATM Transactions, Check Supply and Cashier’s Checks: These features can be selected and de-selected at a BBVA Compass Banking Center, through BBVA Compass Online Banking or by calling 1-800-Compass. Selections are effective immediately. Feature cannot be de-selected for minimum of six (6) months from date of selection (for example, if a Custom Feature is selected on January 15, 2014, it can not be de-selected until July 15, 2014). The applicable Custom Feature fee will be assessed beginning with the first statement cycle that the feature is selected and ending when the feature is de-selected.

2Safe Deposit Box: Subject to availability. The Safe Deposit Box Custom Feature may be selected and de-selected only at the BBVA Compass Banking Center where the Safe Deposit Box is located. The Safe Deposit Box Fee associated with the Safe Deposit Box must be auto debited from the BBVA Compass ClearChoice Checking account. If the BBVA Compass ClearChoice Checking account is closed, or if the Safe Deposit Box Fee is no longer auto debited from the BBVA Compass ClearChoice Checking account, the rate associated with the Custom Feature will no longer be applicable for the Safe Deposit Box. Safe Deposit Box must either be closed or a new Safe Deposit Box lease agreement must be entered into at the BBVA Compass Banking Center where the Safe Deposit Box is located.

3Mailed Paper Statements: To turn off paper statements please visit: Online Banking/Service Center/Online Banking Services/Turn On or Off Paper Statements. Selection and de-selection of this Custom Feature can be done anytime through BBVA Compass Online Banking, and is effective the following business day.

Fee to Use BBVA Compass ATMs $0 for using BBVA Compass ATM to complete any transaction.
BBVA Compass Fee to Use another Bank's ATMs $2 per transaction

† ATM and/or service fees charged by other banks and ATM owners still may also apply

International Service Fee (ATM) 1% of transaction amount
International Service Fee (non-ATM) 3% of transaction amount

International Transactions are those transactions using your ATM or Check Card made outside of the United States, even those in US dollars. A full description of the currency conversion process is contained in your ATM/Check Card Agreement.

Insufficient Funds Charge (NSF) - Paid Item $38 per item
Insufficient Funds Charge (NSF) - Returned Item $38 per item

The NSF charges described above are applied for processing items presented for payment against insufficient funds (NSF) with a maximum of six (6) charges per day. These charges are imposed on items created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, Check Card transaction, or other electronic means.

Extended Overdraft Service Charge $25 per occurrence. This charge is applied once your account becomes overdrawn and continues with a negative balance for ten (10) consecutive calendar days. An additional $25 extended overdraft fee will be charged if your account remains negative for twenty (20) consecutive calendar days. This charge is in addition to any NSF charges you may incur as a result of items being present against insufficient funds.
Inter-Account Transfer Fee $12 per day on which any such transfer occurs. Transfers funds from customer designated account to cover potential overdrafts in checking account.
Stop Payment Request (Branch/Phone) $32 per request
Stop Payment Request (Online Banking)(checks only) $25 per request
Deposit Item Returned $6 per item
Deposit Item Returned (Foreign) $25 per item
Deposit Item Re-run $7 per item
Personalized Check Card Fee 1 Personalized Check Card per accountholder at no additional charge; $10 for each additional Personalized Check Card
Replacement Card Fee $5 ($10 for Personalized Check Card)
Rush Replacement Card Fee $50
Statement Upgrade Fee (Image Statement Fee) $5 per statement cycle
Special Statement $5 per statement cycle

A special statement may include, but not be exclusive to the following: daily statements, duplicate statements, hold statements and statement printouts.

(all fees are per transfer)
- Incoming (Customer) $12
- Outgoing (Customer) $20
- Outgoing Repetitive (Customer) $18
- Outgoing (Non-Customer) $45
- Fax/Email $23
- Mail/Phone $25
- Incoming (Customer) $15
- Outgoing (Customer) $45
- Fax/Email $3
- Mail/Phone $5
Cash Handling Fees:
- Rolled Coin $0.10 per roll
- Strapped Currency $0.20 per strap
- Bank Bags (Zipper) $5 per bag
- Bank Bags (Locked) $20 per bag
Check Charges:
- Temporary Checks $1 each
- Personal Checks Personalized check order charges, including tax and shipping and handling, are debited from your account when your order is placed. Check order charges vary.
Collection Items (all fees are per item):
- Incoming $20
- Outgoing $20
- Non-Customer $25
- Bond Coupon $5
- International $20 plus costs
Deposit Fees:
- Deposit Correction Fee $2.50 per item
- Deposits to Closed Accounts $25.00 per deposit
Legal Fees:
- Garnishments, Levies, Court Orders $150 plus attorney fees
Reconcilement/Research Fees:
- Reconcile Statement $25 per hour
- Research $25 per hour
- Copy of Fax $3 per page
Staff-Assisted Call (over 5/month) $1 per call over 5 in a month
Telephone Transfer Fee $3 per transfer
Online Banking No additional charge
Online and Mobile Bill Pay No additional charge
Mobile Banking No additional charge

Message and data rates may apply - check with your wireless provider.


Applicable Fees and Service Charges

Your account will be subject to the terms and conditions, including all fees and service charges, applicable to BBVA Compass accounts in the state where we maintain your account. For purposes of this disclosure, your account will be deemed to be maintained in the state where you opened your account. Your account is considered to have been opened: if you opened your account by mail, at the location where the mail was received by us; or if you opened your account electronically (including by telephone) and your address is in a state where we have branch offices, in the state of your address at the time you opened your account; or if otherwise, in Alabama.

For additional terms governing your account, please consult the Consumer Deposit Account Agreement.

NOTE: The above noted fees and service charges are not set bank–wide. These prices are driven by the competition in your local market.

We reserve the right to change terms, conditions, and/or pricing of our products upon reasonable prior notification.



Rev. 4/2015