BBVA Wallet


Safe + Secure + Smart

BBVA Wallet provides convenient access and control of your payment cards and provides unique reward opportunities every time you spend.

  • Keep track of all your purchases in real-time and keep them organized on the go
  • Activate BBVA Compass debit and credit cards
  • Make your BBVA Compass Credit card payment
  • Change PIN on your BBVA Compass cards from your Wallet app
  • Report a lost or stolen card in a flash or temporarily block transactions if you misplace your card
  • Redeem rewards in real-time at any merchant
  • Receive custom offers to earn cash back based on how you spend with Simple Cash Back℠

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Redeem Rewards

Redeem Rewards in Real-Time

BBVA Wallet lets you redeem rewards in real-time at any merchant. Real-time rewards redemption is designed to enhance your shopping experience by letting you use your rewards to off-set an entire purchase or a portion of a purchase, depending on your available rewards balance.

Real-time rewards redemptions work with all BBVA Compass Consumer Credit cards enrolled in rewards with an active rewards balance to cover the purchase amount.

Real-time rewards redemptions is easy

After you make a purchase, you will receive a Transaction Alert1, which will allow you to Redeem Rewards toward your purchase based on your available rewards balance.






Frequently asked questions

Accessing the Wallet

You can access the wallet by using your existing BBVA Compass Online Banking or Mobile Banking credentials. If you are not currently enrolled in one of these services you can enroll by clicking on the "Enroll Now" link on the wallet application. You can enroll easily with your checking account, debit or credit card credentials.

If you are currently using to access your credit card information you may need to create new credentials. To do so, please select "Enroll Now" and go through the set up process with your BBVA Compass Credit Card.

In some cases it may be required to input the last four of your social security number. Since the Wallet is personalized to a single user, it is important to tie the credentials to the specific user for the profile. When necessary, this will only be asked for during the initial log in to the application.

It's easy. Simply click "Enroll Now" and follow the instructions to create a unique profile to access your cards. You can enroll easily with your checking account, debit or credit card credentials.

Yes. You can use the BBVA Wallet from one or more mobile devices while you're logged into Online or Mobile Banking.

BBVA Wallet utilizes Apple Touch ID® fingerprint technology to authenticate your identity whenever you launch BBVA Wallet app. This option is both a secure and convenient way to access your card(s) in the Wallet.

Displaying your cards

Card designs change from time to time, and the current representation in the Wallet may not match the exact image of your physical card.

Business credit cards and prepaid cards are not currently in Wallet. Certain credit card accounts, such as cards assigned to authorized users and HELOC cards may not be visible. BBVA Compass maintains the right to determine eligibility.

While most BBVA Compass cards are eligible for the Wallet, there are some card types that are excluded. These include business credit cards, prepaid cards, and certain types of credit cards. Additionally, it may be that a card is not being successfully associated with the profile being used. If you have any questions about your card display you may contact 1-800-273-1057 for assistance.

In the Online Banking Account module go to "Add BBVA Compass Accounts" link in the Service Center and complete the online form. On the same screen, verify that you have "Show Account" set to "Yes" for each account you want to see. For further assistance contact Customer Service at 1-800-273-1057.

Currently, the BBVA Wallet does not allow cards of authorized users to be accessible. You must be the owner of a BBVA Compass debit and/or credit card to see your cards in the wallet.

To hide a card you must remove the card from your profile. Please note that this will not only hide the card from the Wallet application, but also from Online and Mobile Banking since all share the same profile.

Check your transactions

Online Banking provides a full view of all account related transactions. The Wallet information focuses on card specific activity so that you can easily track purchases. To have a full view of account activity refer to your Online Banking account or your banking statement.

Pending transactions are charges against an account that have been authorized but have not yet posted to your account. For example, merchants may obtain authorization for certain purchases on credit or debit cards before they submit the actual charges for processing and posting.

If this is a credit or debit card that is accessible in the Wallet, BBVA Wallet allows you to place a temporary block on a card if you suspect fraudulent activity or if you have misplaced your card. We also suggest you contact Customer Service immediately at 1-800-266-7277 if you see any suspicious activity.

Notification & Alerts are sent for any transaction authorization requesting funds from your account. However, only an authorized transaction resulting in an actual hold will be displayed within the transaction detail.

Wallet is not a full representation of all activity that may occur on your account. Please refer to Online Banking or your bank provided statement to have a full view of all related account activity.

When looking at a card's transaction history you can click on each individual transaction to view details of that single transaction.

Managing notifications & alerts

By turning on notifications and alerts you will be notified when purchase authorizations occur on your account. This is a great feature, available for both debit and credit cards, that can help you to quickly identify when fraudulent activity may have occurred.

In the Wallet menu, select “Settings” then “Notifications & Alerts” to turn on/off notifications and alerts for all cards, or manage transaction alerts settings at a card-by-card level in the card menu.

There are some instances where an alert may be delayed due to how the merchant processes the transaction. Some transaction types such as ATM withdrawals might not trigger an alert.

Some merchants may send over more than one request to verify funds. The most common example would be a gas station fuel transaction. In this case, a transaction alert would be triggered upon card swipe to validate funds and a second transaction alert triggered at the completion of fuel service. Please note multiple transaction alerts are initiated to provide visibility and do not post to your account.

Card activation

For credit or debit cards you can simply go to that card in the Wallet and activate it. If you do not see your card you can contact the service # directly from the wallet to have it immediately added. For security, you will need the physical card so you can provide the three-digit security code that is printed on the back to complete activation.

Blocking your card

For credit and debit cards, you can go to the card menu and select the block option: Temporary block,Theft or Loss. Once you block the card no transaction activity will be permitted on that card. Be sure to select the reason for the block and keep in mind that you will only be allowed to unblock your card if you choose “Temporary Block”. For your convenience, when you block a credit card because you lost it or it has been stolen, we will automatically reissue you a new credit card to the address on file.

The temporary block feature is available for credit and debit cards and allows you to prohibit any card purchase activity simply by turning your card off. Whether you can't locate your card and want to look for it prior to permanently blocking, are traveling, or just want the added security of turning off while not in use, this feature allows you to conveniently do so.

No. All attempted transactions will be declined if a temporary or permanent block is in place, including recurring payments.

You have 180 days to remove the temporary block from a card. After 180 days only Customer Service can remove the temporary block.

Changing your PIN

This feature is available for credit and debit cards, and can be accessed on the card menu by selecting Change PIN You will then be prompted to enter your new PIN and you will be asked to input a one-time security code that will be sent to the phone number on record with us (via text message). For added security, this code must be entered in the prompt to complete the PIN change.

No. You can change your PIN without needing to know your current PIN. However, for your security we will send a one-time security code to the mobile number on file (via text message) which you must enter to complete the request. Please note that your mobile number must be setup in Online/Mobile Banking to receive Alerts to use this feature. Please log in to Online or Mobile banking to enable text alerts if not already established.

The code is sent to the primary mobile number in your Online Banking profile. Please note that your mobile number must be setup in Online/Mobile Banking to receive Alerts to use this feature. Please log in to Online or Mobile banking to enable text alerts if not already established.

Contact customer service at 1-800-273-1057 to verify that we have your current contact information on file.

Make a credit card payment

Once logged into Wallet, click on the card to which you wish to make a payment. In the menu of options click “Pay credit card” and simply follow the steps. The accounts available in your online or mobile banking will determine the "Payment From" selection display.

In the card menu, select “View credit card payment history” to see pending and past payments. You can also edit or cancel a payment while it is in “pending” status. Once a payment is listed as “processing” you can no longer edit that payment.

Your payment will be applied to your account on the date selected if it is made before the cutoff time of 5:00 PM CT on a business day. Payments made after 5:00 PM CT or on a non-business day will be submitted for processing the next business day. Effective date of payment will be no earlier than the day submitted. Payments scheduled after the Payment Due Date may result in interest, late fees, and the loss of any grace period. “Fast Payments” to a Credit Card can be made from a BBVA Compass account and are immediately debited from your payment account and reflected in your Available Credit. For payments submitted after the cutoff time of 5:00 PM CT on a business day, the credit will still reflect in the Available Credit immediately, but payment will process the next business day.


When logged in to BBVA Wallet, select the credit card you want to view and your Rewards Balance is displayed in the summary information. This total reflects the amount of rewards available for each credit card account.

We want to make viewing your rewards value easy, simple and understandable. Note that rewards (points) may have a different value for other redemption types and may not apply to other aspects of the rewards program.

Once you have BBVA Wallet Notifications & Alerts set to 'on', you will receive an alert after each transaction which will allow you to view and select the real-time rewards redemption based on your available rewards. Simply tap the “Redeem Now” button, enter a redemption amount or accept the default amount and confirm the redemption by pressing “Redeem Rewards Now” and your account will be credited for the amount redeemed.

Yes. You can only redeem rewards (cash value) up to the total amount of the transaction.

Within the Wallet, you can only redeem rewards through transaction alerts. Each transaction alert once opened and viewed is one-time only and will expire if not redeemed. Don't worry, each time you make a transaction you get another opportunity to use rewards!

Yes. While BBVA Wallet is providing you the ability to redeem rewards in real-time, you may still use other redemption options through the rewards website for your card program or by calling the rewards center.

Please visit to learn more about the rewards program for your credit card rewards program you participate in, including the program associated terms and conditions.

After successfully redeeming rewards you will receive an account credit. Please note that while the redemption is recognized immediately in your rewards balance, it may take up to two business days for the account credit to post to your credit card account.

Simple Cash Back

Simple Cash Back is a program that lets you earn cash-back rewards through merchant offers presented within BBVA Wallet, Online Banking, and Mobile Banking. These offers are tailored to you based on relevance to your purchase history. You simply activate an offer that appeals to you and then redeems the offer by using the corresponding card to make a qualifying purchase. The reward amount will automatically be deposited into your participating account.

When logged in to your BBVA Wallet click on the menu in the top right of the opened application and select “Rewards Center.” This will allow you to view available offers based on account. Offers are tailored specifically for each user based on relevance to your purchase history, so offers will vary between your accounts if you have multiple cards.

Earning Rewards is easy. Visit the Rewards Center and select an account. This will display your Current and Active Offers for this account. Simply tap any Current Offer to view details and to activate. Once activated the offer will shift to the Active section. Once an offer is activated, simply shop according to the terms of the offer and your rewards will be deposited to your account.

Rewards are deposited directly into your account the month following the qualifying purchase. All Reward amounts are combined for one total deposit. You can view pending and posted rewards within the Simple Cash Back Hub in Online Banking.

Offers associated to each account are the same across these applications. For example, if you activate an offer in Wallet, that same offer will then show active in both Mobile & Online Banking for that account.

Full details can be found at

You may also call 1-800-273-1057 for any program related questions.

Remember username

If you would like to disable the Remember Username functionality you can select the "Sign in with a different Username" link on the Login screen. After clicking the link you will see a Remember Username option that can be set to No. This will turn off card transaction alerts and force you to enter your Username each time you access the app.

View CVV2 or CID

The CVV2 and CID refer to the security codes associated with your Visa (CVV2) or American Express (CID) cards. The security codes are commonly required when making purchases online or by phone. For Visa cards this number is three digits and is located on the back of the card. American Express has a four digit code located on the front of the card.

To unlock this CVV2 or CID for one of you cards you simply swipe upwards on the card in your Wallet screen, or select this option from the card menu. However, for your security, we do require that a one-time security code be used to complete the request. This code will be sent to the primary mobile number (via text message). Please note that your mobile number must be setup in Online/Mobile Banking to receive Alerts. Please log in to Online or Mobile banking to enable text alerts if not already established.

No. Each card must be accessed individually and the security code will only be available for the duration of your Wallet session.

Visa Checkout

Visa Checkout is a product that allows you to shop online without entering your card number and shipping details on any website where Visa Checkout is accepted. Your cards are stored and easy for you to access when you check out with just the input of a password. With Visa Checkout you can also shop with confidence, knowing your information is stored behind multiple layers of security.

For details where Visa Checkout is accepted click here for a list of merchants. You can also visit our product page to learn more.

Security Notifications

This is a security measure to better safeguard your digital card(s) from fraudulent activity, and to provide notice to each cardholder.

For Security Notifications, "Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-266-7277 for assistance."

If you receive a notification, please contact Customer Service as soon as possible to review the matter with a representative. If the card activity is verified, they will be able to assist in removing any limitations applied to the use of your card.

Details you need to make a smart decision

 Alerts: Alerts for card transactions and reward redemption are subject to service availability to your mobile device and cannot be guaranteed by BBVA Compass. Alerts are subject to merchant billing practices and may not be received until your card is charged for the purchase price.

Cash rewards will be applied as an account credit. Rewards balances update automatically and credits are reflected in account balances within a few days.

* If you are currently using to access your credit card information you may need to create new credentials. To do so, please select "Enroll Now" and go through the enrollment process with your BBVA Compass Credit Card.

BBVA Compass reserves the right to decide and change which Payment Cards and accounts are eligible for use with the Wallet Service at any time and in our sole discretion. Authorized users cards are not available within the Wallet Service.

Links to third party sites are provided for your convenience and do not constitute an endorsement. BBVA Compass does not provide, is not responsible for, and does not guarantee the products, services or overall content available at third party sites. These sites may not have the same privacy, security or accessibility standards.

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