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What are Online Banking Alerts?

Online Banking Alerts notify you via email and text message when certain specified activities occur in your account, such as your daily or monthly account summary, when your account balance goes over or under the amount you choose, to confirm a deposit or items have been presented against an insufficient account balance.

What Alerts are available for my accounts?

The type of Alerts that are available will depend on the type of account to which you are adding Alerts. Alerts that are available for your accounts are:

Account Balance Account Summary Deposit and Withdrawal Confirmations
Daily Deposit and Withdrawal Activity notices Sensitive Activity (new debit card or new checks requested, account closed) Insufficient Funds
Overdraft Protection Advance Checks Cleared CD Maturity Date
CD Daily Withdrawal Activity CD Daily Deposit Activity CD Redemption
IRA Daily Distribution Activity IRA Daily Contribution Activity  
How do I add or change the email address(es) or mobile numbers to which an Alert is sent?
  • 1. Select the Alerts tab in the top of page navigation menu to access the Alerts home page.
  • 2. Place your mouse over the account for which you would like to add or change an email address or a mobile phone number and click to choose.
  • 3. In the Delivery Options section, your contact information will be displayed. Click on the checkboxes next to an email address or mobile phone number through which you would like to receive Alerts.
  • 4. If you need to add or change information, click on the Add or Change link specific to the delivery method for the account. You will be taken to the Service Center to make these changes. You will need to return to the Alerts page to finish setting up any Alerts you would like to add for the account.
  • Note: You may have Alerts sent to both your Primary and Alternate email addresses and mobile numbers.

How do I cancel an Alert?
  • 1. Select the Alerts tab in the top of page navigation menu to access the Alerts home page.
  • 2. Place your mouse over the account for which you would like to cancel Alerts and click to choose.
  • 3. Under the Alerts section, you will see the Alerts that you have activated. These accounts are indicated by a green ON button. To turn an Alert off, click on the button to the left of the Alert description. The button should change to a gray color and be labeled OFF.
  • 4. When finished setting up the Alerts, click on the Save button to store your selections. You will be returned to the Alerts main page where you can set up Alerts for any other accounts you may have.
  • 5. If you would like to turn off all Alerts for an account, click on the Deactivate All Alerts link. All of the Alerts for the account will be turned off.
  • 6. Click the Save button.
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