• What is Popmoney?
  • Popmoney allows you to send money to or receive money from anyone in the United States via email or text.

    Quick Facts about Popmoney

    • Popmoney offers an easy way to send and receive money for all the things that come up. Need to pay a friend back for movie tickets? Send her the money and include a message saying, "Thanks for the tickets!" Popmoney is also great for…
      • pitching in or collecting money for a baby gift for a coworker
      • dividing the bill at a group dinner (no more waiting to split the check; just pay or receive the money online!)
      • sending a cash gift to someone
      • paying club dues or home owner's association fees
    • Send money using an account number, email address or to qualified debit cards
    • Fees apply to certain payments and options (check fee schedule for more information)
    • Popmoney provides a large person to person payment network through Popmoney that includes 1,400 U.S. financial institutions.
    • You can personalize your payments to friends and family with eGreetings.
    • Not sure if a friend claimed the money you sent? You can track recent and pending transactions through your history.
    • You will be able to import contacts from popular email services and provide multiple email addresses for contacts.
    • Schedule future and recurring payments to help you save time and control your payments better.
    • Add multiple email addresses and mobile numbers for any contact.
    • Changed your e-mail address recently? Bought a new mobile phone with a new number? No problem! You can change your e-mail address or mobile phone number in Service Setup.

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  • How does Popmoney work?
  • To send money to a person, enter their e-mail address, mobile number or debit card information and the amount you want to send. Or if you've sent them money previously, just select their name from your send list and enter an amount.

    If the person you're sending money to is not registered with Popmoney, they will receive an e-mail inviting them to use the service and to claim the money.

    Click History to track money you've sent or received. You can also see any pending transactions.

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  • How do I receive my payment if I bank with BBVA Compass but I do not use Online Bill Pay?
  • Not signed up for Online Bill Pay? Sign up today. After you activate your account, receiving a payment is easy.

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  • How do I receive my payment if I do not bank with BBVA Compass?
  • When someone sends you money the first time, you receive an invitation. This invitation may be an e-mail or a text message, and it contains a secure transaction code which you'll use to claim the money. You will be directed to the Popmoney.com/BBVACompass website where you will enter your e-mail address or mobile number and the secure transaction code. You'll enter your payment account and contact information.

    If your financial institution offers Popmoney at their website, you will be directed to use the service there instead of the Popmoney.com site. During the sign up process, the service will let you know if it's offered at your financial institution.

    People who do not use a bank or credit union in the Popmoney network can use the Popmoney service at the Popmoney.com site.* There, they can send and receive money just as you do.

    *Terms and conditions apply

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  • How fast can I send and receive money with Popmoney?
  • With Popmoney, three delivery speeds are available to choose from; 3 business days, the next business day or instantly to an eligible debit card. However, in some cases it may take longer. For example, if you send an email or mobile payment and the recipient is not yet registered for the service, he/she must sign up for the service so that we have their account information to deposit their payment. Also, if you exceed your next-day payment limits, then we will deliver payments within three business days.

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  • How do I request money from others?
  • Select the Request Money tab and choose or add the contact you are requesting the payment from. You can enter up to 5 contacts for a group request.

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  • How do payments show up on my account statement?
  • When you receive your account statement, the payments made through Popmoney usually appear as electronic withdrawals (similar to ATM withdrawals).

    Note: In some cases, the payments appear on your account statement just like your other checks. However, the sequence numbers on these transactions are typically higher than the sequence numbers on your checks.

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Member of the popmoney network.

*To use Simple Personal Payments, customer must be enrolled in BBVA Compass Online Banking with Bill Pay service. Any fees or service charges associated with your deposit account(s) will continue to apply. Standard text message rates also apply; check with your wireless carrier for your text message rate plan and available plans.

US Banks only. Payment amount limitations may apply. A "Business Day" is Monday through Friday, excluding Federal Holidays and other days that banks may be legally closed.

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