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Mobile Banking via Text Message

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve collected some of our most frequently asked customer service and technical questions to help you resolve potential problems and get your questions answered as quickly as possible.

General Questions

What is Mobile Banking - Text Messaging?

Mobile Banking gives you the ability to connect to your Online Banking accounts from your mobile phone through text messaging. You can retrieve balances, review pending transactions, review posted transactions, and transfer funds between your accounts—all without using a computer or visiting a branch.

What are the requirements for using Mobile Banking?

You must be an active and registered Online Banking user, and your mobile phone and carrier must be able to send and receive text messages over their network. Contact your mobile carrier for text capability. View a list of mobile carriers that support Mobile Banking.

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How to register for Online Banking

How do I use Mobile Banking with text messaging?

After signing in to Online Banking and enrolling in Mobile Banking via text messaging, you will be ready to start using Mobile Banking text commands.

Text a "command" and "mobile account nickname" to our universal short code 455555 (you may want to save this number in your mobile contacts for text messaging). In a few seconds, you'll receive the information you requested. View a complete list of commands.

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How to register for Online Banking

Is there a fee for using Mobile Banking?

BBVA Compass does not charge for Mobile Banking. However, standard carrier fees for text messaging may apply. Check with your wireless carrier for text message rates and plans available for your phone.

How do I register for Mobile Banking - Text Messaging?

Register your phone online through your Online Banking service. Then select which accounts you'd like to use with Mobile Banking and give each one a mobile nickname.

What are the commands for using BBVA Compass Mobile Banking?

Command Description
accts Lists all your mobile account nicknames.
bal Displays the first three checking, money market, or savings accounts.
bal (nickname) Provides balance information for the account you've assigned that mobile account nickname.
help Displays all the commands available in mobile banking. A separate text message with contact information will also be sent.
help (command) Displays help information for the mobile command you specify.
help info Provides information regarding 'help' and 'help (command).'
pend (nickname) Displays up to 5 pending transactions from a single checking, savings, or money market account.
post (nickname) Displays up to 5 posted transactions from a single account.
stop Cancels your enrollment in Compass Mobile.
test Provides a text message to make sure your mobile phone is registered.
xfer Use to transfer funds between accounts. Provide command + transfer amount (no $ sign; include decimal) + transfer from account nickname + transfer to account nickname (example: xfer 123.54 chka savb)

Text 'help' with any command for more information.

Are the commands case sensitive?

No, commands are not case sensitive. You can use lower, upper, or a combination.

Which mobile carriers support BBVA Compass Mobile Banking?

  • Alltel
  • AT&T
  • Boost
  • Cincinnati Bell Wireless
  • nTelos
  • Sprint
  • T-Mobile
  • US Cellular
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Virgin Mobile

Contact your carrier if it isn't listed. You may also want to ask if they are affiliated or have contracts with any of the carriers listed.

Does Mobile Banking work with pre-paid mobile phone service plans?

Yes, our Mobile Banking service will work with most pre-paid phone plans. Some plans do not support short codes. Here are the ones we've found:

  • T-Mobile's pre-pay service does not support any short codes.
  • Some of Verizon MVNOs do not support short codes (ex. MIGO).
  • TRACFONE® pre-paid plans do not support short codes across most carriers.

How do I know if my mobile device can send or receive text messages?

Most mobile devices indicate if they're compatible for text messaging. Contact your carrier for more information on whether your phone and service plan support text messaging.

I am not able to receive any text messages from BBVA Compass Mobile Banking using the short code, yet friends can send me text messages. What should I do?

Text messages from friends come through the network in a different way (from system generated text messages) so that they are not blocked. It is possible when your mobile phone service was established that a block was set on system generated text messages, or your phone's preferences may have this block selected. If you are unable to receive text messages from any other short codes, then this is most likely what is wrong. The best solution is to contact your carrier and see if they can remove the block preferences from your phone so you may start receiving Compass Mobile text messages.

Also, before using BBVA Compass Mobile Banking you must enroll your phone in Online Banking. See Requirements or Register.

Why is the text on my Mobile Banking screen wrapping?

Messages display differently on mobile phone screens depending on phone models and carriers. All screen copy was designed with hard returns for optimum layout. Several phone models and carriers do not recognize hard returns and wrap all text. This cannot be corrected by BBVA Compass as it is a mobile phone and carrier issue.

How can I get help with Mobile Banking?

  • Text Message: Type 'help' for a list of commands; type 'help (command)' for information about a specific command.
  • Online: See our Mobile Banking Demo for more information. You can also sign on to Online Banking and visit the help screens from the Compass Mobile link.
  • E-mail: Send an e-mail message to or send us a secure message from inside your Online Banking service.
  • Phone: Call Online Banking Support at 1-800-273-1057 .

What happens if I switch my phone/number/carrier?

  • Switching Phones: If you purchased a new phone and you're using the same carrier and the same phone number, you don't need to re-register your phone.
  • Switching Numbers: If you have a new phone number (regardless of switching carriers), you'll need to register your new mobile phone number .
  • Switching Carriers: If you switch carriers—even if you keep the same phone number—you'll need to register your mobile phone number with your new carrier so you can continue to use Mobile Banking.

Can I add a second phone number to my Mobile Banking service?

Our text message banking is restricted to one mobile number. For a joint account, each account holder must have his own Online Banking service and can register one phone.

Is it safe to use BBVA Compass Mobile Banking?

Yes. The BBVA Compass Mobile Banking service does not send full account numbers or other confidential information about your accounts. For example, only the last four digits of your account numbers are displayed along with the mobile account nicknames you specified when you enrolled.

Can I use Mobile Banking while signed on to Online Banking?

Yes, you can send Mobile Banking requests while you're signed on to Online Banking.

Can the same phone number be used with more than one Mobile Banking service?

Our text message banking is restricted to one mobile number. An account holder with multiple Online Banking services must register a different mobile phone for each Online Banking service.

What's the difference between Delete Mobile Phone and Cancel Mobile Banking?

Delete Mobile Phone removes your registered phone number, yet saves your mobile account selections. Your Mobile Banking service is still active, though you won't receive any Mobile Banking messages until you register a new phone. For example, you would use this command if you were switching phones.

Cancel Compass Mobile cancels your Mobile Banking service and deletes all mobile account information. You would no longer be able to do any banking via text message from your mobile phone.

I've lost my mobile phone. What should I do?

You should delete your registered phone number from your Mobile Banking service immediately. Sign on to Online Banking. Locate the Add or Change Mobile Phone number link in the Mobile Banking section of the Service Center. Return there when you're ready to use Mobile Banking again. You may also want to contact your wireless carrier so your phone can be deactivated and protected from unwanted charges.

Can I re-register the same phone number even though it has been deleted?

Yes, you can register the same phone number again.

Why does Mobile Banking need an updated e-mail address in my Online Banking service?

It is important that we have an updated e-mail address so we can send you notifications regarding your Mobile Banking service activity through another channel (e-mail). This is an extra security measure to help you monitor your Mobile Banking service. The following circumstances will trigger notifications:

  • Enrollment or change of a mobile phone
  • Enrollment or change of mobile accounts
  • A mobile transfer was scheduled
  • A mobile phone number was deleted
  • Your Compass Mobile banking service was cancelled

What happens if I transfer the wrong amount from the wrong account using Mobile Banking?

You can reverse the transaction by transferring the same amount back to the original account. This would apply for either a wrong amount or a wrong account. Your second transfer should neutralize your original Mobile Banking request.

Can I set up recurring transfers from my mobile phone?

No, you can only make single, one-time transfers using Compass Mobile.

Can I view my mobile transfers after they've been submitted?

Yes, you can view completed transfers on the Transfer Summary screen inside Online Banking.

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