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Frequently Asked Questions

Rapport Security Solution

About Rapport

What is Rapport?

Rapport is a security software application that provides online identity information theft and online transaction protection while you are on Rapport-participating websites. You can use Rapport to help protect your web browser sessions with any Rapport-participating website that contains private or confidential information.

Why do I need Rapport if I have other security solutions?

While conventional solutions such as firewalls and antivirus software are important, Rapport adds an additionally layer of security. Rapport’s protection is based on new technology that is different from the technologies used by current desktop security solutions. Rapport helps protect your username, password, and other sensitive login information and helps prevent malware and fraudulent websites from stealing this information. Rapport also helps protect your online communications and prevents malware from tampering with your transactions, (e.g., transferring money from your account to the attacker’s account).

Do I have to download Rapport?

No. You do not have to download Rapport to continue accessing BBVA Compass’ online banking systems. Rapport’s security software is a solution BBVA Compass is providing free of charge to all customers to help protect their usernames, passwords, and other online personal information against malware and Trojans that may be present on our customer’s computers. We are not forcing you to use this software if you do not want to at this time.

Do I still need my antivirus if I install Rapport?

Yes. Rapport does not replace your antivirus and is not an antivirus solution. It works differently and prevents attacks that your antivirus solution cannot detect or remove. Antivirus programs and Rapport are two complementary security layers and we recommend using both, as well as a firewall, for maximum protection.

What type of attacks does Rapport help protect against?

Rapport provides additional protection against many of the common threats of Internet-based computer attacks.  For example, Rapport protects against “phishing,” which is when a cybercriminal steals personal data by using a phony website (the phishing site) that looks exactly like a website you know and trust, and “pharming,” which is when a cybercriminal causes your computer to go to a fraudulent website each time you type a real website’s name in your web browser bar.

Rapport also provides protection against the operation of malicious software that can unknowingly be downloaded to your computer when it is connected to the Internet.  For example, one type of this malicious software, known as a “keylogger,” hides itself in your computer, secretly records your keystrokes (i.e., each time you type something on the keyboard), and then sends this information to the cybercriminal.  By stealing information such as your login credentials and other sensitive information and sending them to the cybercriminal, keyloggers may enable an attacker to login to your accounts, impersonate you and initiate fraudulent transactions.

Does Rapport protect against all online threats?

Unfortunately, no security can protect against all risks. Rapport adds a very important security layer that better protects your sensitive information, your accounts and promptly reacts to threats aimed directly at you. However, security is a constant and changing battle. Rapport, your antivirus solution, your firewall, and any other security product you use, make it harder for criminals to commit crime.

Do I have to pay for Rapport?

No. Because BBVA Compass is committed to ensuring our customers have the highest level of online security available, we are making Rapport available free of charge to all our customers.

I have multiple computers. Do I need to install Rapport on all of them?

Ideally, yes. However, if you choose not to install Rapport on all your computers, make sure you do install Rapport on the computer from which you do your online banking and any other sensitive transactions like making purchases or viewing financial accounts.

Is there anything else I can do to protect myself from fraudulent attacks on my computer while banking online with BBVA Compass?

Make sure your computer’s malware protection and antivirus software is up to date. Updates are issued frequently by software manufacturers, so make sure you check regularly to ensure you have the latest version.

Which operating systems and browsers are supported by Trusteer, Inc. for the Rapport protection software?

On Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7:

  • Internet Explorer 6 and above
  • Firefox 3 and above
  • Google Chrome

On Mac OS Tiger, Leopard, and Snow Leopard:

  • Firefox 3 and above
  • Safari 4 and above

Who is Trusteer?

Trusteer, Inc. is a privately held corporation founded by senior internet security executives with specific expertise in consumer desktop security. In 2008, Trusteer won the “Best of Web” award from the Online Banking Report and was covered by U.S. analyst firms Gartner and Frost & Sullivan. Additional information can be found by visiting Trusteer, Inc. at

BBVA Compass is not affiliated with Trusteer, Inc.   BBVA Compass has contracted with Trusteer, to allow its clients to download its Rapport security solution.   BBVA Compass does not guarantee the performance or capabilities of Rapport, but believes that, when properly downloaded to your computer, Rapport will add an important and beneficial layer of extra security.

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Using Rapport

Is Rapport complicated to use?

Not at all. In fact, once you have downloaded Rapport, you should notice little difference other than the presence of the Rapport icon next to your address bar. Rapport actually protects you while you are on Rapport-protected websites without you having to do anything.

To help you understand more about how Rapport works, and how you can use the software to protect yourself while on non Rapport-participating websites, please take a few moments to view the online demo.

Does the download take a long time?

It is very simple to download Rapport protection software. A few mouse clicks and Rapport can be installed and running on your desktop in approximately 30 seconds. You do not need to register, you do not need to type anything or submit information, and you do not need to restart your browser or your computer. With Rapport, no pre-determined settings are altered, no changes are implemented, and you encounter no interference with your online activity.

Rapport is installed on my computer and now there is an icon to the right of my address bar. Does this mean Rapport is working?

The icon does indicate Rapport is installed and working.

When it is green, your communication with the website is secured by Rapport.

rapport green icon image

When the icon is grey, the communication is not secured by Rapport.

rapport gray icon image

Does Rapport automatically protect me on every website?

When you first install Rapport, only websites that were pre-registered with Trusteer are protected. Most websites are not. An unprotected website means that Rapport does not prevent keyloggers, malware, screen capturing, and other attacks that try to log your communication with this website.

To learn more about how Rapport protects you and how to use it, view demo

Can Rapport protect me on other websites?

Yes, you can manually ask Rapport to protect your communication on non Rapport-participating websites by clicking the grey Rapport icon and then clicking the "Protect this Website" link. View demo to see how to manually request Rapport protection on non-participating websites.

Trusteer recommends you activate Rapport protection on any websites that require you to log in with usernames and passwords, and any sites on which you provide sensitive information such as credit card numbers, addresses, phone numbers and more.

If the Rapport icon is grey, should I proceed with this website?

Yes. A grey icon does not indicate a bad website. A grey icon indicates that Rapport is not protecting your session with this website. If you are submitting sensitive information to this website you can activate Rapport's protection by following the steps described in the previous question.

Once again, the online demo can show you exactly how to use Rapport to protect you while on non-participating websites.

When I click the green arrow, what does ‘Security Policy’ mean?

This is the security policy that Rapport applies for this website. "Partner Website" means that the website operator works directly with Trusteer to set the most secure policy for this website.

"My Sensitive Websites" means that protection for this website was manually added by you and Rapport uses a default policy to protect your communication with this website.

When I click the green icon, what does ‘Protection Activity’ mean?

Protection activity gives you an overview of the activities taken by Rapport to protect you. You can click the "View Weekly Activity Report" link for a list of events generated in the last seven days.

Why does Rapport monitor my log-in information?

Simply put, to prevent you from submitting sensitive information to fraudulent websites.

Here’s how it works: when you log onto a Rapport-protected website, Rapport requests your permission to start monitoring your login information. If you agree, Rapport creates an encrypted signature of your login information. This signature is stored on your computer and used by Rapport to warn you whenever you enter this login information into other websites.

If you enter monitored login information into other websites, you will receive a warning. The warning identifies the website to which you enter the login information and allows you to either proceed and submit the information or stop and prevent the website from receiving this information.

The purpose of this warning is to prevent you from submitting sensitive login information to fraudulent websites. Fraudulent websites (also known as Phishing websites) look exactly the same as your bank's website and are designed to steal your login information. Rapport's very simple yet effective warning reveals the identity of the website to which you submit your login information and allows you to abort the submission if this is not the website you intended to visit.

Note that although Rapport keeps an encrypted signature of your login information, it is impossible to retrieve your login information from this signature even if someone gains access to your computer. What’s more, your password signatures are never sent to Trusteer and never leave your computer.

When I attempt a screen capture I am unable to complete, what should I do?

Since Rapport blocks information from being sent out of your secure browser session Rapport stops screen captures from occuring. You can however change your preferences in order to allow a screenshot. Follow the steps in the online demo to allow the screen capture.

Important Note:  After taking the screen shot desired, you will need to follow these steps again and choose 'On partner & my sensitive websites' to reinstate Rapport screen capture security feature. If you do not, your computer will be not be utilizing Rapport to the best of its protection.

How do I contact support?

For questions about online banking, general Rapport questions, and other internet needs, please contact BBVA Compass at 1-800-273-1057. You’ll also find online support tools, including an informative demo, at

For Rapport technical support, contact Trusteer directly so computer and software experts can assist you. Trusteer offers online chat and the ability to report a problem while using the software. For more information, go to or request a phone call from a Rapport Specialist by completing the online form located at

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