Consolidated Receivables


An efficient accounts receivable system

To support your receivables accounting automation and integration objectives, BBVA Compass offers the flexibility of Host-to-Host Consolidated Receivables. The BBVA Compass Host-to Host Consolidated Receivables combines payment information and related remittance data from your customers in a format supported by your accounts receivable system. Host-to-Host Consolidated Receivables includes payment and related remittance information from Lockbox, e-lockbox, ACH, Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP), Remote Deposit, and Wire Transfers.


  • Automates receivables workflow for straight-through, end-to-end processing.
  • Speeds the processing of high volume transactions.
  • Ensures high reliability by using end-to-end process monitoring.
  • Supports ERP integration using standard industry formats or custom layout.
  • Provides flexible timing of payment information workflow in either single or multiple daily feeds.
  • Presents a secure, automated origination channel to address your international payment needs.
  • Uses secure communication protocols to ensure integrity of files.
  • Encrypts all transmissions.
  • Authenticates access through the use of client certificates.
  • Supports PGP and additional methods for file encryption.
Platform highlights
  • Offers a wide variety of payment formats: Custom Flat File, BAI-2 ANSI ASC X.12 and ISO 20022 XML.
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