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Purchasing Card

Accounts Payable Interface

The Accounts Payable Interface is a batch Purchasing Card payment process that allows you to efficiently pay suppliers who submit invoices. You may continue to use your existing merchant base – you are not required to select from a list of predetermined suppliers.

Service Benefits

  • Works within your organization's existing invoice approval process
  • Works as part of your supplier management discipline
  • Provides automation of temporary spend limits on ghost or zero balance cards
  • Offers greater efficiency by systematically initiating invoices payments
  • Supplies your organization with Compass CentreSuite reporting for reconciliation with your accounts payable system
  • Allows up to 99 suppliers to be paid simultaneously

How it works

  • Invoices received are processed and approved for payment as per your organization's standard procedures, then select the invoices that should be paid by purchasing card.
  • A card payment batch file is generated from your accounts payable system and sent to BBVA Compass via a secure internet connection. The payment file includes supplier payment instructions and parameters for the temporary card spending limits.
  • The respective suppliers receive an automated email to notify them of the approved invoices for payment by card. The suppliers are directed to a secure supplier portal to receive the card information needed for entry into their point of sale terminal for payment authorization.
  • After a predetermined number of days, or as the ghost or zero balance account reaches a balance within a specified range of the credit limit, the account is reset to its original spend limit ready to be used at another time.

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