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Corporate Card

BBVA Compass provides MasterCard® and Visa® branded corporate card solutions that can help you achieve your strategic payments and working capital goals. By leveraging technology, our solutions provide you with payment reporting, expense management and control options that efficiently integrate with your accounting systems. Our commitment goes beyond implementation and includes ongoing consultation training and long-term support to help you maximize your card program.

  • Optimize your card program with support for vendor enrollment.
  • Access card transactions for daily analysis of expenditures.
  • Improve vendor management and consolidation.
  • Help protect your business from losses that might be incurred through card misuse by an employee.
  • Protect transactions with EMV Chip technology.
  • Customize your commercial card program to meet travel, entertainment, and daily business purchase needs.
  • Spend Net NavigatorSM is an online card management tool that offers a full range of payment program activities for your company, everything from commercial card program management to transaction management, data acquisition to accounting system export, expense reporting to operational/ accounting reporting.
  • Spend Net PayablesSM is an online accounts payable tool that provides you with an efficient way to pay suppliers while reducing your company’s exposure to risk. Spend Net Payables uses virtual card account numbers in the payment of invoices to aid in reconciliation while also ensuring that actual credit card numbers are not exposed.
Cost Effective
  • Enhance management and control of spending.

Spend Net Navigator

Spend Net NavigatorSM is a powerful, web-based, real-time solution that provides you with a cost-effective way to manage your commercial card program. Spend Net Navigator provides organizations with a detailed suite of reporting, analysis, and compliance tools that will empower you to manage expenses, reduce costs, and generate savings.

Offering a full range of payment program capabilities, Spend Net Navigator includes everything from commercial card program management to transaction management, data acquisition to accounting system export, and expense reporting to operational/accounting reporting.


Transaction coding allows you to automatically assign G/L codes to your transactions without manually entering every expense. General ledger (G/L) codes can be linked to a merchant category code, a reporting unit, a specific merchant, or a card. Card transactions can be easily integrated into accounting or ERP systems, bypassing the need for manual entry. Files can also be generated for your finance, audit, or managerial staff.


Multiple standard reports help you manage the card program and policy compliance. You will have access to review purchasing and spending with these and other valuable reports:

  • Card program analysis
  • Merchant details
  • Spend analysis by merchant
  • Daily transaction summary
  • Cost allocation analysis
  • Level III transaction data

Spend Net Navigator provides your program administrator and cardholders with detailed, online transaction data and e-mail expense report approval notification. Real-time functions such as new card requests, address changes, and spending limit adjustments are at your fingertips.

Cost Effective

Available Modules:

  • File transfer management
  • Enhanced data
  • Account management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Accounting and reconciliation
  • Expense reporting
  • Controls and alerts

Spend Net Payables

Spend Net PayablesSM is a web-based accounts payable tool that provides you with an efficient way to pay suppliers while also reducing your company’s exposure to risk. Spend Net Payables uses single-use, virtual card account numbers, which are assigned on a per transaction or per payment basis. This aids in reconciliation and also ensures actual credit card numbers are not exposed. By using a web-based interface, it eliminates the need for additional software installation and makes for an easy implementation.

  • Accelerate the receipt of funds, as compared to remittance by check, for your suppliers.
  • Reduce your company’s need to manage secure card storage.
  • Submit a large number of accounts payable invoices within a file thereby creating new efficiencies. Unique single-use card account numbers may be assigned to each invoice.
  • Upload supplier information through a file. Individual supplier information can also be loaded quickly using a web interface.
  • Ensure that suppliers paid for the specified amount with the Exact PaySM features of Spend Net Payables, streamlining your reconciliations.
  • Use BBVA Compass to provide suppliers with fax and e-mail notification of assigned single-use card account numbers, removing one more responsibility of your company. We also have the ability to add your brand, logo, and contact information to fax and e-mail notifications, helping your suppliers match payment information to the invoice.
  • Monitor the entire transaction lifecycle, from payment initiation to authorization approval or decline to settlement.
  • Access customizable, real-time reporting through an advanced user interface that allows downloading to numerous formats.
Cost Effective
  • Expand your commercial card programs by capturing higher-dollar and more complex transactions that may run through existing processes.
  • Eliminate checks while earning rebate dollars to directly impact your bottom line.
  • Simplify reconciliations by having all single-use card account transactions ultimately roll up to the commercial card account management application.
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