Rapport Security Software


Boost Your Defenses Against Online Fraud

Free to all Compass e-Access Customers

You probably already have security software on your computer. And while that existing software is important – it may not be enough. BBVA Compass wants to make sure you are even more secure when you are online.

Truth is, online criminals are getting more and more sophisticated – so it's essential to constantly upgrade your protection software.

And – because your online security is a priority at BBVA Compass, we are making Rapport security software available to our Compass e-Access customers free of charge.


What Rapport Does

Rapport secures communications between your computer system and our site to help prevent malware or fraudulent websites from obtaining your username, password and other sensitive login information. Rapport actually works with your existing antivirus software and firewall and is not designed to replace the protection offered but to improve your overall online security. What's more, you may also use Rapport to protect you while on sites other than BBVA Compass sites. 

How to Get Rapport

Simply download and install the Rapport plug-in for Windows or Mac. It only takes a few seconds to install and should not slow or adversely affect the performance of your computer in any way. It will, however, give you greater peace of mind knowing this state-of-the-art software is helping protect you while online with Compass e-Access.

If you want to be even more secure when you are online, please take a moment to download Rapport now. It's free to all Compass e-Access customers. So why not download Rapport today?

Rapport may also provide protection at other participating financial sites; generally a green icon will appear in your browser's header indicating that the website is protected by Rapport.


Rapport Security

Boost your defenses against online fraud with Rapport Security software. 

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