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Compass e-Access Enhanced Lockbox Reporting

Access same day reporting of your lockbox remittances through the Enhanced Lockbox Reporting Services. With this reporting module, you can

  • Easily view lockbox deposit information
  • Easily view images of remittance checks and related documents
  • Create customized detail reports that meet your specific needs
  • Query lockbox transactions by:
    • Date
    • Check amount
    • Check number
    • Other check related information
  • Search for information based on:
    • Invoice number
    • Invoice amount
    • Any other customized data entry field

Online Image Presentment

With Online Image Presentment, you can make better-informed decisions, more quickly, because you can:

  • View paper items (debits and credits) that have posted to your account over the past 120 days
  • View descriptions on images of checks you deposited and images of any returned deposited items or adjustment entries
  • Rotate check images to view both sides
  • Print images
  • Download images for inclusion in correspondence
  • See exactly what you need to verify:
    • Payees
    • Signatures
    • Endorsements
    • Dollar amounts
    • Serial numbers

Positive Pay Images

Our Positive Pay service provides you with the confidence that only the checks you issue will be paid.

With Compass e-Access you can:

  • Submit your issue files and voided items
  • Review exception items online
  • Submit disposition instructions online
  • View images of the exception items as you make your decisions
  • Zoom in and out at the item
  • Rotate and view the back of the item
  • Download the image to import into correspondence

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