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Consolidated CD ROM

Enhance your CompassView® Statement Item CD ROM services with Compass Bank's Consolidated CD ROM option. This feature is especially beneficial for companies that have multiple locations, divisions, or sub-companies.

Cost Effective

  • Each location or division can receive a CD ROM with check images for only their accounts and headquarters can receive a consolidated CD ROM with images of checks paid on all accounts.
  • Save on document storage space and costs. Images of approximately 25,000 checks can be placed on one CD ROM.


  • Reduce research time and expense. Your staff saves valuable time by having paid-check images at their fingertips.


  • Locate an item by serial number, amount, or date paid.
  • Zoom in or out and rotate images for enhanced visibility.
  • Print the image with front and back views along with index information.
  • Copy and paste images into Word documents or attach to e-mails to assist in payment dispute resolutions.