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Enhanced Liquidity Solutions

Institutions often seek investment solutions that emphasize stability, liquidity, and yield—but which do so with lower costs and stringent investment criteria. Our Enhanced Liquidity Product provides an answer. Offered through our Corporate Investment Services group, this product utilizes individual fixed income instruments that meet your maturity, duration, and credit quality needs.

Highly disciplined approach

  • Highly disciplined investment style
  • Cost-efficient administration
  • Portfolios managed for stability, liquidity, and yield
  • Emphasis on fundamental credit analysis, not interest rate forecasting

Strict investment criteria

  • Securities chosen from list approved by each fund’s board of directors
  • Approved list is based on stringent investment criteria

Competitive performance

  • Value and competitive yields combined with low expense ratios
  • Disciplined world-class investment strategies
  • Comprehensive research
  • Compliance/trading interfaced computer systems

High quality options

  • Wide selection of quality money market mutual funds
  • Fund offerings include:
    • Treasury instruments
    • Government obligations
    • Corporate commercial paper
    • Municipal obligations