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Owning and operating a successful franchise means facing some unique financial challenges. BBVA Compass can help you meet these challenges with services specifically designed for your industry through the Build My Franchise® program.

From start-up financing to everyday cash management tools, we can tailor solutions that meet your needs over the entire lifespan of your business. We have a number of services specifically designed for your industry that can allow you to simplify and consolidate your banking relationships across your locations.

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Borrowing and Credit Solutions

  • Acquiring a franchise
  • Equipping your business
  • Growing and reinvesting in your business
  • Credit and working capital
  • Refinancing
  • Interest rate protection

Cash Management Solutions

  • Access information more quickly
  • Deposit checks electronically from multiple locations
  • Reduce the risks of handling cash
  • Manage multiple accounts more easily
  • Improve your purchasing process
  • Automate your payroll
  • Put idle funds to work

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