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Frequently Asked Questions

SafeSpend Card

We’ve collected some of our most frequently asked customer service and technical questions to help you resolve potential problems and get your questions answered as quickly as possible.

Why a BBVA Compass SafeSpend General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) Card?

What is a GPR Card?

A GPR Card is a reloadable prepaid transaction account that provides a simple and cost effective way to manage your money. Simply place funds on the card and you can use the card anywhere Visa is accepted, access cash at the ATM, or pay bills.

Who is the SafeSpend Card a good fit for?

The SafeSpend Card is the perfect solution for anyone who doesn’t like carrying cash, who wants to avoid check writing, who wants to avoid overdraft fees, all the while enjoying the security and purchasing power of a Visa debit card.

What are the advantages?

The SafeSpend Card can be used just like any Visa debit card and is accepted at millions of places worldwide. You can use it to make payments and purchases in stores, online or by phone. Other advantages include the ability to easily get cash and add funds, track purchases online, receive balance alerts, along with 100% Visa fraud protection.**

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Getting a BBVA Compass SafeSpend Card

How do I order a Card?

You can order a SafeSpend Card online by providing your customer information.

How long will it take to receive my Card?

Please allow 7 – 10 calendar days for the Card to be delivered.

Can I allow others to use my SafeSpend account?

Yes. You can request us to issue up to 3 additional Cards to other individuals. If we issue a Card to any one or more individuals at your request, each will have full access to all of the funds available on your Card.

Will my credit report be checked to determine if I can get a Card?

No, a credit check is not required.

How do I activate my Card?

You can activate your Card online by accessing the website found on the back of your SafeSpend Card or by calling 1-866-236-7967.

How do I set up my personal identification number (PIN)?

You can set up or update your PIN online by accessing the website found on the back of your SafeSpend Card or by calling 1-866-236-7967.

Do I need a checking account with BBVA Compass?

No, a checking account with BBVA Compass or another financial institution is not required.

How many SafeSpend cards can I order?

Limit 1 SafeSpend Card per/customer.

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Placing funds on your SafeSpend Card

What are the different ways to place funds on my SafeSpend Card?

There are multiple ways to reload (add funds) to your SafeSpend Card. You can Direct Deposit all or part of your paycheck to your card. Add cash to your card at participating Visa ReadyLink retail merchant locations. Online card-to-card transfer from a BBVA Compass debit card only.

How do I set up Direct Deposit?

You can provide the routing and account number associated with your account to your employer or anyone else who pays on a regular basis. You can deposit all or any portion of your payroll amount to your SafeSpend Card on a recurring basis. Download the Direct Deposit Form to complete, sign, and hand to your employer.

What is ReadyLink? Where can I find a ReadyLink location?

Visa ReadyLink is a fast and easy way to load your SafeSpend Card with additional funds. Visit Visa ReadyLink to find the nearest of more than 50,000 locations.

Can I transfer funds to the Card from my checking account?

No. You may, however, transfer funds by using your BBVA Compass debit card if you identified your debit card number when you ordered your SafeSpend Card.

What is the Maximum balance I can have on my SafeSpend Card?

SafeSpend Card Load (Funding) Limits
Ordered SafeSpend Card without BBVA Compass Debit Card Ordered SafeSpend Card with BBVA Compass Debit Card
Maximum balance of funds on card $3,000 $6,500
Maximum amount of all loads $1,600 during any 15-day period $3,500 during any 15-day period
Maximum number of loads 3 during any 7-day period 3 during any 7-day period
Maximum for Visa ReadyLink Loads $500/load
$500 during any 7-day period
3 loads during any 7-day period
$1,500 during any 7-day period
3 loads during any 7-day period
Maximum amount of any direct deposit $1,600 $3,500
Maximum amount of any transfer from your BBVAC debit card n/a $2,500
Minimum load amount $20 $20

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Using your SafeSpend Card

Where can I use my SafeSpend Card?

You can use the Card to purchase goods and services anywhere Visa is accepted, withdraw cash at all participating ATMs and banks, and pay bills.

How can I withdraw cash with my Card?

You can use your Card and PIN to withdraw cash at any ATM that displays the Visa or PLUS logo. You can withdraw cash without your PIN by visiting the nearest bank branch that accepts VISA and requesting a cash advance on your Card. Some Visa merchants also will allow you to receive cash back when you use your Card and PIN to make a purchase.

Can I have checks to access funds on my SafeSpend Card?

No. The SafeSpend Card is intended for electronic transactions only.

Are there limits on purchases or other withdrawals?

SafeSpend Card Transaction Limits
Ordered SafeSpend Card without BBVA Compass Debit Card Ordered SafeSpend Card with BBVA Compass Debit Card
Daily limit for transactions to obtain cash from a Visa ATM $400/transaction
Daily limit for all other kinds of transactions, including purchases at Visa Merchants $1,500/transaction
Daily limit for all transactions $1,500/day $1,500/day

Do I have the option to request overdrafts on my Card?


I’ve heard some merchants get authorization to charge more than the actual amount of a purchase. What should I know about transactions at certain types of merchants?

When a Card is used for certain kinds of transactions, the merchant accepting the Card may request advance authorization of that transaction, and may estimate the amount of the transaction. This is usually because the final purchase amount is not known at the time you present your Card. Some examples include:

  • Gas Stations will accept the SafeSpend Card to prepay for fuel inside the station, but "pay at the pump" purchases may be authorized for an amount greater than the gas purchase.
  • Restaurants, Hotels, and Car rental agencies may get authorization for an estimated purchase amount, rather than the actual purchase amount.
If we authorize a transaction on a Card, we may place a temporary hold on the funds available on your Card for the amount of that authorized transaction, which we refer to as an "Authorization Hold." An Authorization Hold generally will be released within 3 business days after the date we authorized that transaction. However, certain merchants, especially rental car companies, hotels and others that authorize high dollar amounts may cause an Authorization Hold to remain in effect for an extended period of time. You can see each Authorization Hold on the funds available on your Card at any time by calling 1-866-236-7967 or logging in to the SafeSpend Web Site. Certain transactions may be handled differently by different merchants. If you are unsure of a merchant’s policy, it’s best to ask before presenting your Card.

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Managing funds on your SafeSpend Card

Will I receive statements showing charges on my SafeSpend Card?

Yes. Once you activate your Card, you will receive periodic electronic statements showing all activity on your SafeSpend Card. You also will have an option to select paper statements, but you may be charged a fee for those statements.

Do I have to wait until I get a statement to see the charges on my SafeSpend Card?

No. You can always see the most recent charges on your Card by accessing website found on back of your SafeSpend Card or by contacting 1-866-236-7967.

What other online services are available to help me manage the funds on my card?

You will have access to Online Banking (track your spending), Text Message Alerts and Email Alerts.

What are Alerts?*

Alerts for your SafeSpend Card are a way of getting automated notifications about your Card balance, transactions and status. You choose the Alerts you want to receive, and how you want to receive them – either as an email or a text message delivered to your wireless phone or other mobile device.

How do I set up Alerts?

You can enroll for Alerts online by accessing website found on back of your SafeSpend Card. In the Profile section, you can select the Alerts you wish to receive and provide the email address or mobile phone number in Alert Settings. You can also call 1-866-236-7967 and speak to a customer representative.

Can I have Alerts go to multiple phone numbers?

No. You can have alerts sent to only one mobile phone number.

What’s the difference between my pending transactions and posted transactions shown on the SafeSpend web site?

With a pending transaction, the transaction has been authorized for a specific amount, but that transaction has not been submitted for payment. With a posted transaction, the transaction has been submitted and cleared for payment, and the amount of the transaction has been deducted from the funds available on your SafeSpend Card.

What’s the difference between my available balance and actual balance shown on the SafeSpend web site?

Your available balance includes all pending and posted transactions. Your actual balance includes only posted transactions.

Is my Card protected against fraud?

With Visa’s Zero Liability** coverage, you will have no liability for unauthorized use of your Card:

  • if the Card was used for a transaction other than at an ATM, and that transaction was processed through the Visa Network;
  • you reported the loss, theft or suspected unauthorized use of the Card to BBVA Compass, and
  • neither you nor anyone authorized to use the Card acted in a grossly negligent or fraudulent manner in handling the Card.

How can I fund a SafeSpend Card that does not have my name on it?

First, you will need to order a card for yourself using your BBVA Debit Card. Once that card is received, you can order up to 3x additional cards for other people via the WEB or telephone service. The cards will share access to the same pool of funds. When the pool of funds needs to be refreshed you can transfer funds from your BBVA Debit Card to your SafeSpend Card.

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Updating your SafeSpend Card and Account

What if I need a replacement Card?

You can order a replacement Card by contacting 1-866-236-7967.

How can I change my PIN?

You can change your PIN online by logging on to website found on back of your SafeSpend Card or by calling 1-866-236-7967.

How do I update my address?

You can update your address online by logging on to website found on back of your SafeSpend Card or by calling 1-866-236-7967.

What do I do to speak to someone in customer service?

You can call 1-866-236-7967 and select the option for a customer service agent.

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If your SafeSpend Card is lost or stolen

What if my SafeSpend Card is lost or stolen?

Call 1-866-236-7967 immediately to report your Card lost or stolen. You can also log in to website found on back of your SafeSpend Card to change the status of your Card and review your transaction history.

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SafeSpend Terms and Conditions

Links to third party sites are provided for your convenience. These sites are not within our control and may not have the same privacy, security or accessibility standards. Third parties are completely and solely responsible for the content and availability of their sites.

*BBVA Compass does not charge for text message alerts, however standard text message rates may apply. Check with your wireless carrier for your text message rate plan and available plans.

**Visa® Zero Liability covers U.S.-issued cards only and does not apply to ATM transactions, PIN transactions not processed by Visa, or certain commercial card transactions. Cardholder must notify BBVA Compass promptly of any unauthorized use. Consult BBVA Compass for additional details or visit See your Visa Cardholder Agreement for further details.

***BBVA Compass will not charge a fee for the first withdrawal from an ATM each month, regardless of whether that withdrawal occurs at a domestic or foreign ATM. However, foreign ATM charges may apply from other banks in which BBVA Compass is not responsible for those fees charged.