Frequently asked questions

Credit Checks for New Checking Accounts


Am I subject to a credit check when I open a checking account?

Most banks, including BBVA Compass, check a prospective customer’s credit when they apply for a savings or checking account. Having a lower credit score won’t necessarily mean you are unable to open an account, it just might impact which accounts you can open.

For example, at BBVA Compass, we offer a suite of Second Chance Banking accounts, including checking, for individuals trying to rebuild their credit. If you do not qualify for the original account you were applying for, we can typically offer you another option, such as a BBVA Compass Easy Checking Account.

Will the bank’s review of my credit report affect my credit score?

No, reviews like these have no negative impact on your credit score. Most often, the reviews that DO affect your score are those made when you are applying for credit.

Need help understanding your credit score?

We’re here to answer any questions you may have. Speak with a banker at a BBVA Compass branch near you or contact one of our customer service representatives by phone.