Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit offers you the convenience of receiving your paycheck, Social Security or other income via a direct electronic deposit into any of your
BBVA Compass checking or savings accounts.

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Direct Deposit simplifies your life by letting you:

Save time and money

Your money is automatically deposited for you and is available the same business day as the day we receive your deposit. There is no need to fit an extra branch visit into your busy schedule or worry about a cutoff time.

Enjoy peace of mind

Don't worry about checks getting lost, delayed or stolen. It gets deposited regardless of whether you are at work, at home or even in your home state.

Direct deposit is easy

After initial set up your money is automatically deposited into your checking account. You may also set up automatic payments for recurring bills by providing the bank  routing number and your checking account number to creditors who offer ACH debit of payments.

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How to Sign Up For Direct Deposit

Its easy to set up Direct Deposit

Regular Paycheck / Retirement / Pension

To set up this service simply download and complete the Payroll Direct Deposit Form.

  • Fill out our Payroll Direct Deposit Form and take it to your employer's payroll or Human Resources Department. They will take care of the rest.

Social Security / VA / Other Government Payments

Review the Payroll Direct Deposit Form for instructions on how to locate your routing number and account number.

  • If you receive Social Security, Veteran's Affairs or other government payroll payments, you may call the number listed at the bottom of the Payroll Direct Deposit Form or simply complete government form 1199a and bring it to your local BBVA Compass branch location, and a banker will assist you with completing Direct Deposit enrollment.

More Direct Deposit Resources

The U.S. Government has established these resources to help you set up Direct Deposit for your Federal checks: