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Our company culture

"Working for a better future for people" is more than just a mission statement. It is a vision that guides everything we do. Throughout BBVA Compass, this vision drives the way we approach our commitment to our stakeholder groups: employees, customers, shareholders, and the communities in which we operate.

To develop this vision, we established several corporate principles that define the BBVA Experience.

Corporate Principles

Our company culture is supported by 7 corporate principles:

  • The client as the center of our business
  • The creation of shareholder value through business activity
  • Teamwork as the key generating value
  • A management style that generates enthusiasm
  • Ethical conduct and personal and professional integrity as a way of understanding and conducting business
  • Innovation as the engine of progress
  • Corporate social responsibility as an intrinsic part of development

An Inside Look

Even our CEO Manolo Sánchez, participates in community outreach by volunteering regularly at charter schools. Watch Now!

Workplace Diversity & Inclusion

At BBVA Compass, workplace diversity and inclusion is a priority. We strive to appreciate the inherent uniqueness of everyone, recognizing our similarities and differences. The main objective of our Blending the Best Workplace Diversity & Inclusion effort is to create a better future for people by blending the best that each of us has to offer. To that end, we strive to attract, hire, and retain a group of talented people to help us achieve our vision.

We foster a culture of inclusion, and we continuously explore ways to leverage diversity and inclusion to create an environment in which everyone feels welcomed, heard, valued and respected. We demonstrate our commitment to diversity and inclusion in everything we do.

Company Perks

At BBVA Compass, we are passionate about our employees and strive to make this a great place to work. Here are some perks:

Health and Wellness

Get Wealthy for Life. Our comprehensive wellness program offers a variety of free services designed to help you live healthier. With Wealthy for Life, employees get access to a 24-hour nurse helpline, personal health coaching, and other resources. Additional health and wellness benefits include the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), free health screenings, seminars, and more.

Employee Banking Solutions

Bank, borrow, protect, and invest with us. BBVA Compass is pleased to offer a suite of banking products and services with enhancements designed specifically for our employees.

Special Discounts

Get great deals. BBVA Compass offers special employee discounts on goods and services. You can save on travel, mobile carrier services, office supplies, and more.

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