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Frequently Asked Questions

Point-of-Sale Solutions

After I have been approved for a merchant account with BBVA Compass, how long does it take to receive my equipment?

If you purchased equipment with your merchant services account with BBVA Compass you will receive it approximately 3-5 business days from the date your merchant account was approved.

Will my equipment be programmed and tested before I receive it?

Yes. Equipment is programmed and tested to ensure you are ready to begin accepting payment cards as soon as possible upon receipt of the equipment.

Once I receive my equipment what should I do next?

If you have not received a call from our Merchant Activation Team prior to receiving your equipment, call 1-800-239-1220 to schedule your telephone training.

How will I pay for the equipment that I purchase or rent?

The purchase price for your equipment will be added to your first merchant statement and will be included in the total amount due for that month. The total will be debited from your business checking account on the 15th or next business day of the following month.

If you elected to rent equipment, the monthly rental fee will be included in your total amount due monthly and listed as a separate line item on your monthly statement.

If I purchase equipment, is there a warranty?

Yes. If you purchase new equipment you will receive a 1 year warranty. Refurbished equipment comes with a 90-day warranty.

I have an existing POS terminal, is BBVA Compass compatible with it?

We support a wide range of devices from industry-leading manufacturers. Your sales representative will be able to assist in confirming your device's compatibility.

Do you sell or rent new equipment?

Yes. Your sales representative will discuss the benefits and features of the device that will best fit your business needs.

Do POS terminals work using certain connectivity methods?

Yes. POS terminals connect to the payment card networks using either a standard phone line (dial) or an IP-based connection using DSL or a cable modem. It is important to ensure that you know the type of connectivity for your business, so that you receive the correct POS terminal that will work based on your set up. If you are unsure about your connectivity type, contact your local telephone service provider.

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