Checking and Savings for your business

The most effective business banking services are the ones that do exactly what you need. That may sound simple enough. But in reality, finding the right match isn't always obvious. Because we understand your business and are experienced in providing financial services for the professional industry, we know how to ask the right questions and tailor solutions that will help you simplify your banking and maximize your cash resources.

Customized business checking
Your account activity is a key factor in determining the type of checking you need. But there are many other considerations as well, including how much online banking you do and your ability to use balances to offset fees.

Whether you need minimal features or a full array of services, we can make sure your business checking does what you need it to do. A few options to consider:

Easy saving options
To make saving easy, you can have funds transferred automatically from your checking account to your savings. If you want to earn more but still have access to your money, a business money market account may be the answer.** Earn a competitive rate, with higher balances earning higher rates.

Smart cash strategies
To maximize your money when you're not using it, you want it to earn interest whenever possible. An automatic sweep account can move excess balances from your business checking to a money market account, which offers the benefit of FDIC insurance protection.

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