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E-Mail Alerts

It's not always easy to check your account every day. With e-mail alerts, you can get personalized information on your account as often as you like.

E-mail alerts are set up within Online Banking. Alerts can be set up for:

  • Account Balance to notify you when an account balance goes over or under an amount you specify.
  • Daily Balance and Account Summary to notify you of balances in an account on a daily or monthly basis.
  • Insufficient Funds and Failed Online Transfer to notify you when the balance in an account is insufficient to cover a scheduled online transfer or a check or other item.

To set up e-mail alerts, please sign on to Online Banking then follow the demo below.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Balance Summary Funds

Email Alerts Step1 Image
Email Alerts Step2 Image
Email Alerts Step3 Image
Email Alerts Step4  Image
Email Alerts Step5 Image
Email Alerts Step6 Image
Email Alerts Step7 Image

*Please note that ALL Alerts will automatically be sent to the Online Banking Alerts Center. You have the option to receive alerts at up to two additional e-mail addresses if desired.