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BBVA Compass Investment Solutions offers your account information in English as well as in Spanish. You will be able to check your balance and your relevant information in both versions. The English version also offers market information, analysis tools, quotations and trading capabilities.

The following information can be accessed in each version:

Español IR

Aviso Importante: A partir del 2 de julio de 2009, cuando accese su cuenta en línea, en el campo de Número de organización financiera, por favor introduzca 5L9, en lugar de 35A.


  • Acerca de NetxExchange Client
  • Preguntas formuladas frecuentemente
  • Seguridad del sitio
  • Regla de divulgación de orden del SEC.


  • Seleccionar una cuenta


  • Posición de carteras (Posiciones)
  • Historial (Transacciones)
  • Efectivo proyectado
  • Perfil de la cuenta


  • Ayuda a distancia
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Important announcement: Effective July 2nd 2009, when accessing your Pershing account on-line, in the Financial Organization Number field, please enter 5L9, instead of 35A.


  • About NetExchange Client
  • FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Site Security
  • SEC Order disclosure rule


  • Select an account
  • Balances
  • Portfolio holdings
  • Order Status
  • History
  • Projected cash
  • Account profile
  • Help
  • Remote help


  • About Trading


  • Buy/sell


  • Buy calls / puts
  • Close calls / puts
  • Write covered calls

Mutual Funds

  • Buy/redeem/exchange


  • Order status


  • Remote help

Market Watch

Market Watch

  • Online Agreement
  • Market summary
  • Winners and losers
  • Most active stocks
  • Percentage winners
  • Percentage losers


  • Morning Comment
  • Credit and interest
  • Market Wrap up
  • Weekend report

Market Watch

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  • Financial Services
  • Health care industry
  • Media and entertainment
  • Telecommunications

Quotes / News

Quotes and News

  • About quotes and news
  • Multiple quotes
  • Industry quotes
  • Quote bank
  • Rate board

Model Portfolio

  • Create portfolio· Display portfolios


  • Industry news
  • Business and economic news
  • Market news
  • Corporate news
  • News by region


  • Remote help


  • On-line agreement
  • Pershing Research
  • FundCenter
  • Tax Center
  • Investment glossary

Learning Center

  • Learning curve
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  • Taxing matters
  • Your money
  • Tutorials
  • Wealth for women
  • SIA Investor education