Margin Accounts

Once your cash account has been established, it can be converted into a margin account1.

This type of account allows you to obtain a loan for a percentage of your portfolio value, depending on the type of asset. Your portfolio value will be held in guarantee of payment, when the values that comprise it are eligible to do so.2

Margin accounts have certain risks that investors must be aware of in order to deal with the consequences in case of market fluctuations.3

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1All margin transactions will be subject to the execution, delivery, and acceptance of separate agreements with Pershing, LLC, the clearing firm for BBVA Compass Investment Solutions, Inc.

2 You must always contact BBVA Compass Investment Solutions to verify the amount available based on your portfolio before requesting any operation involving margin credit.

3 In some cases, the drop in value of the instruments constituting the guarantee can be so large that it becomes necessary to sell some or all of of the portfolio to cover the guarantee proportion established in the margin credit contract. Your loss can be greater than the value of your account. This is why the investor must be aware of the risks involved in this type of account.