Judy Rich

Judy Rich, President & CEO

Tucson Medical Center | Tucson, AZ

TMC HealthCare is Southern Arizona’s regional nonprofit hospital system with Tucson Medical Center at its core. The staff of TMC HealthCare comes to work each day to use their skills and expertise to improve the health of the entire community, from birth to the end of life.

Tucson Medical Center looked to BBVA Compass for solutions:

"When I took over as CEO in 2007, we had an existing depository and lending relationship with BBVA Compass. They held our payroll accounts; it was a typical business relationship. In the fall of that year, the nature of our relationship changed. The hospital was facing serious covenant defaults under its bond issue and so we decided to get out of the bond market altogether.

We spoke to BBVA Compass bankers about refinancing our debt. Together with other experts, they offered us good counsel that helped us refinance, saving considerable money in the process. It was a turning point for our relationship as well, as they became much more invested in the success of our organization."

The BBVA Compass difference:

"We are a community hospital, and the simple answer is BBVA Compass is a part of our community. We serve each other. Our business relationship is based on the financials, but BBVA Compass is a big part of our organization in other ways. Their people serve on a number of committees in our organization. They sponsor events and are very involved in our community benefit work.

I’ve always found the people at BBVA Compass to be very community minded. They act very much like a local bank in Tucson. They take a personal interest in our people and their expertise is helpful to our employees."

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