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BBVA Compass

Purchasing Card

Spend Net PayablesSM

Service Advantages

  • Expand your commercial card programs by capturing higher-dollar and more complex transactions that may run through existing processes.
  • Eliminate checks while earning rebate dollars to directly impact your bottom line.
  • Accelerate the receipt of funds, as compared to remittance by check, for your suppliers.
  • Reduce your company’s need to manage secure card storage.
  • Submit a large number of accounts payable invoices within a file thereby creating new efficiencies. Unique single-use card account numbers may be assigned to each invoice.
  • Upload supplier information through a file. Individual supplier information can also be loaded quickly using a web interface.
  • Ensure that suppliers paid for the specified amount with the Exact Pay features of Spend Net Payables, streamlining your reconciliations.
  • Use BBVA Compass to provide suppliers with fax and e-mail notification of assigned single-use card account numbers, removing one more responsibility of your company. We also have the ability to add your brand, logo, and contact information to fax and e-mail notifications, helping your suppliers match payment information to the invoice.
  • Monitor the entire transaction lifecycle, from payment initiation to authorization approval or decline to settlement.
  • Access customizable, real-time reporting through an advanced user interface that allows downloading to numerous formats.
  • Simplify reconciliations by having all single-use card account transactions ultimately roll up to the commercial card account management application.

How it Works

  1. The Company initiates payment using BBVA Compass Spend Net Payables.
  2. BBVA Compass Spend Net Payables presents a single-use account number to the supplier.
  3. Supplier initiates transaction using the single-use account number.
  4. BBVA Compass Spend Net Payables responds to the authorization request and posts to the company’s commercial card account.