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CheckTrack (Electronic Check Re-Presentment Service)

CheckTrack saves you time and money by electronically re-presenting eligible checks that have been returned for insufficient or uncollected funds. CheckTrack capitalizes on the fact that most banks process electronic items before paper, thereby increasing the likelihood that the returned check will be paid.

With CheckTrack, you can accept personal checks with the assurance that eligible returns will be electronically re-presented through the ACH network. With CheckTrack you can:

  • Use the service at no out-of-pocket cost .
  • Significantly improve your returned check payment rate.
  • Receive 100% of the amount of each paid returned check.
  • Receive two attempts to electronically re-present each eligible returned check.
  • Reduce your returned-check handling and costs.
  • Receive automatic deposits of paid checks.
  • View eligible returned check images and reports via a secure web site.
  • Receive notification of returns 2 to 5 days sooner than with normal check processing.

For more details or to sign up, call:

Small Business clients - 1-800-239-1001