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Small Business Savings Accounts

BBVA Compass Makes Small Business Savings Simple with These Account Options


Business Statement Savings

Preferred Money Market
for Business

Small Business Money Market Sweep Service


A basic account that makes it simple to start saving

Businesses can earn more and have check writing access

Businesses can maximize their earnings by sweeping funds between their checking and savings accounts

Monthly Service Charge

$5  All States (Monthly)

AZ/CO/NM $10, CA/TX $12.50, AL $13, FL $15

AZ/CO/NM $10, CA/TX $12.50, AL $13, FL $15

Action Required to Avoid Monthly Service Charge

  • $500 Balance
  • Automatic recurring monthly transfer of $25 or more from checking to savings

Varies by State

Varies by State

Additional Features

  • Competitive interest rate
  • No check writing
  • Competitive, variable and tiered interest rate
  • Check writing access
  • Free image statement
  • Unlimited in-person transactions (transfers or withdrawals), six free transactions per month via phone or computer (not in-person)*

The customer will establish a target balance for their business checking account (minimum of $50,000)

Plus with any of our small business savings accounts, customers can have funds transferred automatically from a BBVA Compass checking account to their savings account  free of charge

*Withdrawals and transfers not made in person (including CompassPC online banking transfers) are limited to six per month and no more than three of these may be by check or debit card point-of-sale transaction, if applicable. Withdrawals and transfers not made in person are governed by law, and if exceeded, could result in the Bank reclassifying the account.